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10/10 Doom-like boomer shooter is getting a free Steam remaster

by Gamerx Ramiro

Dusk, the beloved ’90s-inspired boomer shooter, is receiving an exciting update later this year. Developed by David Szymanski, the game draws inspiration from classic titles like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Duke Nukem, making it a true homage to the genre.

The upcoming update, scheduled to coincide with the game’s fifth anniversary, promises to be a significant overhaul. Players can expect a full visual remaster, with every enemy, weapon, model, and texture receiving a makeover. This HD update will breathe new life into Dusk, enhancing its immersive experience.

One of the highlights of the update is the inclusion of mod support. The Dusk HD update will introduce an SDK and Steam workshop support for modders. This means that players will have access to downloadable assets from the workshop, allowing them to customize their gameplay experience. Whether using the original assets or the new high-definition ones, players will have the freedom to create their own unique content.

The development team is thrilled about the possibilities that modders will bring to the game. They eagerly await the creations that players will upload to the workshop. This is an opportunity for the community to showcase their creativity and add new dimensions to the Dusk experience.

While the exact release date for the Dusk HD update has not been announced, fans can anticipate its arrival around Sunday, December 10, 2023, marking the fifth anniversary of the original game. The free update is sure to be welcomed by players who have been eagerly awaiting enhancements and new content.

Dusk has already proven itself to be a standout shooter, amassing a staggering 97% positive rating on Steam with nearly 17,000 reviews. Its modern take on old-school design philosophy has struck a chord with players, making it a must-play for fans of the genre. For those who may have missed out on Dusk when it was initially released in 2018, now is the perfect time to discover this gem.

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Dusk’s upcoming HD update is set to elevate the game to new heights, providing both an enhanced visual experience and the opportunity for players to shape the game with their own creations. It’s an exciting time for fans of the boomer shooter genre, as Dusk continues to captivate and inspire.

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