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3D Systems Partners with Klarity

by Amelia Ramiro

3D Systems, a leading provider of 3D printing technology, has announced a partnership with Klarity, a company specializing in solutions for radiation therapy, to expand the distribution of its FDA-cleared VSP Bolus solution. Through this collaboration, Klarity will offer VSP Bolus as part of its new line of patient-specific 3D printed products called Klarity Prints.

VSP Bolus, developed by 3D Systems, is a 3D-printed, biocompatible bolus that is designed to improve therapy modulation, reduce technician time, and enhance patient comfort. With this partnership, the VSP Bolus solution will now be available to radiotherapy clinics across the United States and Canada.

The process of ordering and receiving the patient-specific bolus is quick and efficient. Interested clinics can contact their Klarity Account Manager to initiate orders, and the bolus will be delivered within a few days. The Klarity Prints VSP Bolus product is created using 3D printing technology, ensuring that it is customized to the exact treatment plan bolus dimensions and contours to the patient’s anatomy.

Peter Larson, CEO of Klarity, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating that it aligns with Klarity’s commitment to improving the quality of care provided by its customers. By offering 3D Systems’ 3D-printed biocompatible bolus products, Klarity aims to advance personalized care and improve the patient experience.

Menno Ellis, Executive Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at 3D Systems, highlighted Klarity’s reputation in the radiation oncology sector for delivering superior products and service. He noted that Klarity’s dedication to enhancing patient care through treatment personalization aligns with 3D Systems’ long-standing service model for producing high-quality 3D-printed, patient-specific medical devices.

Both 3D Systems and Klarity will be participating in the 2023 ASTRO Annual Meeting, which will be held from October 1-4 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA. Attendees interested in learning more about the partnership and the innovative products offered by both companies are invited to visit 3D Systems’ booth (#2353) or Klarity’s booth (#2317).

This collaboration between 3D Systems and Klarity represents an important step in advancing personalized care and improving the patient experience in the field of radiation therapy. By leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing technology, healthcare providers can create patient-specific solutions that enhance treatment accuracy, efficiency, and comfort. With the distribution of VSP Bolus through Klarity’s network, more clinics will have access to this innovative solution, further benefiting patients undergoing radiation therapy.

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