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5 Recent HP Exec Moves: From New North America Leader To New Board Director

by Amelia Ramiro

HP Inc. has recently announced several executive moves, including the appointment of a new North American leader, two executives in the Workforce Solutions group, and a new board member. These changes come as part of CEO Enrique Lores’ Future Ready plan, which focuses on investments in growth areas such as hybrid work offerings, peripherals, and gaming.

The Workforce Solutions group, led by former Poly CEO Dave Shull, brings together all of HP’s solutions and services, including managed print services and device-as-a-service. The group recently made three executive appointments to strengthen its leadership and drive growth.

In addition to the changes in the Workforce Solutions group, HP also made leadership changes in its North America and Northwest Europe businesses. The company’s four-year North American leader moved to take over the Northwest Europe territory, while a 25-year company veteran took over the North American business.

Furthermore, HP expanded its board of directors by appointing a longtime finance executive who was previously the CFO of pharmaceutical company Moderna. This addition to the board brings valuable expertise and insights to the company.

These executive moves demonstrate HP’s commitment to driving innovation and growth in key areas of its business. By bringing in new leaders and expanding its board, the company is positioning itself for continued success in the evolving technology landscape.

Overall, these executive appointments highlight HP’s focus on strategic leadership and its dedication to meeting the needs of its customers in the ever-changing world of technology. With these changes in place, HP is well-positioned to deliver innovative solutions and drive growth in the future.

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