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5 Ways to Customize the Xbox Game Bar on Your Windows PC

by Gamerx Ramiro

The Xbox Game Bar is a feature that many PC gamers overlook or simply take for granted. It may seem like a small addition to your gaming experience, but it has the potential to become massively helpful if you customize it to suit your needs perfectly. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to help you personalize your Xbox Game Bar and enhance your gaming experience.

1. Create Customized Keyboard Shortcuts: The Xbox Game Bar comes with default keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. However, you can create your own shortcuts to make it even more convenient for you. By opening the Xbox Game Bar settings, you can select the Shortcuts option and enter new shortcuts or restructure existing ones to create your perfect shortcut menu.

2. Add Favorites to Your Game Bar: The Xbox Game Bar offers a range of features to make your gaming experience easier. However, we all have our favorites that we use more often than others. To ensure quick and easy access to your favorite features, you can mark them as favorites by clicking the star icon next to them. This way, they will always appear on the Home Bar for instant access.

3. Customize Widgets: Adding widgets to your Xbox Game Bar can greatly improve your gaming experience. You can have quick access to tools like stopwatches, aim trainers, maps, and more. These widgets can be added and customized to suit your preferences. You can move widgets around by clicking, holding, and dragging them. To resize a widget, click, hold, and drag the corners. You can also pin them in place by clicking the pin icon at the top right corner of the widget.

4. Add Gaming Features to Apps: While most games are recognized by the Xbox Game Bar, there may be instances where certain games or apps are not. In such cases, you can manually add them as games. By pressing the Windows Key + G while using the app or game in question, you can access the Xbox Game Bar settings and select the checkbox that indicates “Remember this is a game.” This will ensure that all the necessary gaming features are enabled for that app or game.

5. Adjust Preferences: The Xbox Game Bar offers various customization options in the Personalization section of the settings. You can adjust the light or dark mode, enable or disable animations for certain widgets, and more. These preferences allow you to tailor the Xbox Game Bar to your personal aesthetic and ensure a distraction-free gaming experience.

In conclusion, the Xbox Game Bar may initially appear basic, but with a little customization, it can become a powerful tool to enhance your gaming experience. By personalizing the keyboard shortcuts, adding favorites, customizing widgets, adding gaming features to apps, and adjusting preferences, you can tailor the Xbox Game Bar to suit your needs perfectly. So, the next time you’re gaming on your Windows PC, take a moment to explore the options and make the Xbox Game Bar your own.

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