Home Artificial Intelligence A new leaked Google ad shows more Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro AI photo editing

A new leaked Google ad shows more Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro AI photo editing

by Maine Bacos

Google Pixel 8: Transferring Data and AI Features Take Center Stage in New Ad

Google has recently released an advertisement for its upcoming Pixel 8 phone, with a focus on the data transfer process and the phone’s AI features. The ad provides a glimpse into the new and improved capabilities of the Pixel 8, highlighting both the Best Take feature and the Magic Eraser, which have become popular among users.

The ad begins by showcasing the seamless data transfer process to a Pixel 8. This feature aims to make it easier for users to switch to the new device by ensuring a smooth transition of their data. Whether it’s contacts, photos, or apps, the Pixel 8 simplifies the transfer process, eliminating any hassle that users might face when switching to a new device.

While the data transfer process is undoubtedly important, the majority of the advertisement delves into the AI features of the Pixel 8. These features serve to enhance the user experience and showcase Google’s commitment to incorporating artificial intelligence into their devices.

One of the highlighted AI features is Best Take. This feature allows the Pixel 8 to automatically select the best photo from a series of shots, ensuring that users capture the perfect moment every time. By utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, the Pixel 8 is able to analyze various elements, such as sharpness, lighting, and facial expressions, to determine the best photo.

Another AI feature showcased in the ad is Magic Eraser. This feature enables users to easily remove unwanted objects or people from their photos. By leveraging powerful AI algorithms, the Pixel 8 can intelligently detect and remove objects seamlessly, resulting in cleaner and more visually appealing photos.

In addition to the details provided in the ad, industry insider 9to5Google has shed some light on the possible designs of the Pixel 8 cases. According to them, marketing materials shared by Kamila Wojciechowska reveal updated first-party silicone cases for both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. The Pixel 8 cases are said to come in Rose, Mint, Charcoal, and Hazel colors, while the Pixel 8 Pro cases will be available in Bay, Charcoal, Mint, and Porcelain.

It’s worth noting that these cases bear a striking resemblance to the cases for the previous Pixel model. Although this is not surprising, as companies often stick to a familiar design aesthetic across their product line, it indicates a continued commitment to a specific visual identity.

With the release of this new ad, Google has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts who eagerly await the launch of the Pixel 8. While the emphasis on the data transfer process and the AI features provides valuable insight into the capabilities of the phone, consumers will undoubtedly look forward to the official release, where they can truly experience the Pixel 8 in all its glory. As Google continues to innovate and drive advancements in the smartphone market, it is clear that the Pixel 8 will once again raise the bar in terms of performance and user experience.

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