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Amazon slashes price of another budget GPU as AAA games loom

by Gamerx Ramiro

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

If you’re in search of a powerful and compact graphics card that meets all your gaming needs without breaking the bank, look no further. The ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 is currently available on Amazon for just $240.99, after a 17% discount from its original price of $289.99. This means you can save $50 on this high-quality graphics card, making it a fantastic investment.

One of the standout features of the ZOTAC GTX 1660 is its super compact design. With dimensions of ‎6.83 x 1.39 x 4.38 inches and weighing just 0.03 ounces, this graphics card can fit into most PC cases without any issues. It’s perfect for those looking to build a compact gaming setup without sacrificing power.

In terms of performance, the ZOTAC GTX 1660 boasts 6GB GDDR6 memory and a 192-bit width. This allows it to handle demanding games and applications with ease, ensuring smooth and lag-free gameplay. Additionally, it’s built on NVIDIA Turing architecture and features 1408 CUDA cores, further enhancing its performance.

The ZOTAC GTX 1660 also comes with NVIDIA GeForce Experience software, which optimizes game settings and keeps drivers updated. This ensures that you’re always getting the best performance and graphics possible. Furthermore, its twin fan cooling system, consisting of two 90mm fans, copper heat pipes, and a large aluminum heatsink, provides excellent temperature control.

For those with multiple displays or those looking for 4K capabilities, the ZOTAC GTX 1660 has you covered. It supports up to four 4K displays and includes HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4, and Dual Link DVI-D ports for maximum versatility.

Overall, we believe that this deal on the ZOTAC GTX 1660 offers exceptional value for gamers on a budget. It provides a significant performance boost compared to its predecessors, thanks to its GDDR6 memory and NVIDIA Turing architecture. It can comfortably handle the latest AAA titles in high settings and resolution without any lag or performance issues. Its compact design ensures compatibility with most PC cases, and its dual-fan cooling system keeps temperatures in check without making too much noise.

Considering its discounted price, which is below average for a graphics card of this caliber, taking advantage of this deal would be a wise decision. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup without breaking the bank, the ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 is definitely worth considering.

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