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Analogue’s limited edition Pockets are delightful and frustrating

by Norman Scott

The life of a retro gamer is a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a mix of joy and frustration as you wait for new games to be developed for your vintage console of choice, only to be disappointed when someone snipes your eBay bid for a rare game you’ve been seeking for years. But no one understands this yo-yo of emotions better than Analogue, the company behind some of the most desirable modern retro consoles.

Analogue has perfected the art of inducing both delight and frustration in retro gamers. The company understands the passion and love that retro gaming enthusiasts have for gaming history. Their products, such as the Pocket handheld, have been highly anticipated and eagerly awaited by fans. However, almost two years after its announcement, key accessories and consoles from Analogue are still not reliably in stock.

Despite this frustration, Analogue continues to unveil limited editions of their products, which only adds to the desire and excitement of retro gamers. However, actually buying these limited editions is a challenge in itself, causing even more frustration for fans. It’s a cycle of delight and frustration that keeps retro gamers hooked.

When the Pocket handheld was announced, it created a wave of delight within the retro gaming community. However, the release date was delayed by almost a year, leading to disappointment for some fans. Nevertheless, the demand for the Pocket remained high, and orders were reopened with an extended shipping timeline.

Finally, after almost two years, most of the orders have been fulfilled. But even within the fulfilled orders, there are discussions and comparisons on Reddit about shipping statuses, order numbers, and the number of days since ordering. The recent release of the glow in the dark (GITD) limited edition created even more buzz and envy among fans who missed out on it.

Analogue’s approach to retro purism is evident in their products. The glow in the dark Pocket is a clear reference to the rare limited edition Game Boy Pocket. Although the original Game Boy Pocket did not have a backlight, Analogue’s version can be played in the dark, allowing gamers to fully enjoy the glow in the dark effect. The limited edition sold out in under two minutes, leaving many fans disappointed and contributing to the frustration surrounding Analogue’s products.

Looking ahead, Analogue has promised that there will be stock of their products for the holidays. However, the availability of cartridge adapters, which allow the Pocket to play games from various systems, remains a challenge. While Analogue initially communicated that the adapters would be available in Q3 of this year, the release timeline has been pushed back. In the meantime, the Pocket can play games from different systems through Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and cores, which mimic the systems.

In conclusion, the life of a retro gamer is a mix of delight and frustration. Analogue understands and capitalizes on this emotional rollercoaster with their limited edition releases and highly anticipated products. While frustrations may arise from delayed releases and limited stock, the delight of finally getting your hands on a highly desired retro console or game makes it all worthwhile. Retro gamers continue to be captivated by Analogue’s offerings, eagerly awaiting the next exciting release.

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