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Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of October 6; Updates from Alteryx, Power BI, Sigma Computing & More

by Amelia Ramiro

In this week’s roundup of analytics and data science news, we cover the latest updates and developments in the field. From new product launches to industry collaborations, here are the top headlines from the past week.

First on the list is Akkio, a data science platform that has announced a new feature called Generative Reports. With this feature, customers can connect their data and describe their project, and Generative Reports automatically creates a real-time report. This self-service tool empowers small and medium-sized businesses to optimize their marketing spend, forecast revenue, score leads, improve customer experiences, and more. [Read on for more.](https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20231003227392/en/Akkio-Launches-Generative-Reports-to-Turn-Data-Into-Decisions-Instantly)

Next, Microsoft’s Power BI is rolling out a new update that enables OneDrive and SharePoint integrations by default. Users will be able to open, save, and share reports stored in OneDrive and SharePoint directly from Power BI Desktop. This update aims to enhance collaboration and streamline data-driven decision-making processes. [Read on for more.](https://www.databricks.com/blog)

In other news, Databricks, a leading data and AI platform, has announced the launch of Inference Tables and the expansion of its Brickbuilder program. Inference Tables enable monitoring of deployed AI models without additional complexity and cost. The Brickbuilder Accelerators provide customers with ready-to-use solutions to tackle critical analytics challenges, reducing costs and increasing productivity. [Read on for more.](https://www.databricks.com/blog)

In the “Expert Insights” section, Solutions Review editors will be sharing new articles, videos, roundtable discussions, and other curated content to provide industry professionals with forward-thinking analysis and trending insights. The aim is to bring together industry experts and offer valuable insights for enterprise technology practitioners. [Click here to learn more about the upcoming Spotlight event with Upsolver on October 12.](https://solutionsreview.com/business-intelligence/what-to-expect-at-solutions-reviews-spotlight-with-upsolver-on-october-12/)

Lastly, if you have any data science news or announcements that you would like to be considered for future roundups, you can reach out to the editor at tking@solutionsreview.com.

That concludes this week’s analytics and data science news roundup. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in the coming weeks.

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