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Apple announces powerful new privacy and security features

by Kyle Meranda

Apple has announced its latest privacy and security features, including updates to Safari Private Browsing, Communication Safety, and Lockdown Mode, as well as improvements to app privacy. These new features are part of Apple’s commitment to privacy as a fundamental human right and the belief that strong security is essential for good privacy.

One of the major updates is to Safari Private Browsing, which now provides even greater protection against trackers and fingerprinting. It also introduces a lock feature that allows users to keep tabs open even when they step away from their device. This update ensures that users have more control over their data while browsing the web.

In addition, Apple has made improvements to Photos privacy permissions. A new embedded Photos picker allows users to share specific photos with apps while keeping the rest of their library private. Users will also be shown more information about what they’re sharing when apps ask for access to their entire photo library.

Apple has also implemented link tracking protection in Messages, Mail, and Safari Private Browsing. This means that extra information added to URLs by websites to track users will be removed when sharing links, ensuring privacy while using these services.

To further enhance app privacy, Apple has introduced new tools that give developers more information about the data practices of third-party software development kits (SDKs). This allows developers to provide more accurate Privacy Nutrition Labels and improves the integrity of the software supply chain.

In terms of user safety, Apple has introduced Communication Safety, which warns children when receiving or sending photos or videos in Messages that contain nudity. This feature will now also cover video content and can be integrated into third-party apps. All image and video processing for Communication Safety occurs on the device to maintain privacy.

Sensitive Content Warning helps adult users avoid seeing unwanted nude images and videos when receiving them in various apps. Similar to Communication Safety, image and video processing for Sensitive Content Warning occurs on the device, preserving privacy.

Apple has also introduced powerful security protections to safeguard user data. Updates to passwords and passkeys sharing now allow users to create a group to share sets of passwords, ensuring secure and convenient sharing. Lockdown Mode has also expanded to provide more protections against mercenary spyware.

Furthermore, Apple has introduced additional features designed with privacy and security in mind. Check In allows users to let friends or family members know they’ve reached their destination safely, while NameDrop offers a new AirDrop experience for securely sharing contact information. Live Voicemail provides a live transcription of voicemail messages, making it easier for users to decide when to answer a call.

These new privacy and security features will be available in free software updates this fall. Apple remains committed to prioritizing privacy and believes that it is crucial in building the best user experience. With these new features, Apple continues to put users in control of their data and strengthens security measures to protect user privacy.

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