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Apple blames software bug for overheating iPhone 15 models

by Maine Bacos

Apple Acknowledges Software Bug and Popular Apps as Causes for iPhone 15 Overheating

Apple has admitted that a software bug and popular apps, such as Instagram and Uber, are responsible for the overheating issues reported by iPhone 15 users. The company is currently working on an update to the iOS17 system that powers the iPhone 15 lineup in order to resolve the problem.

According to Apple, these apps are running in ways that overload the system, leading to the devices becoming uncomfortably hot. Instagram has already made modifications to its app to prevent it from causing heating issues on the latest iPhone operating system. However, Uber and other apps, such as Asphalt 9, are still in the process of rolling out their updates.

Apple has not provided a specific timeline for when its software fix will be issued, but it assures users that no safety issues should prevent them from using their iPhone 15 devices while awaiting the update.

The overheating complaints have been reported on various online message boards, and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal have also highlighted the problem. While it is common for new iPhones to generate heat during the initial days of use or when restoring backup data from the cloud, the iPhone 15 models’ heating issues go beyond the usual scenarios.

Apple emphasized that the overheating problem is unrelated to the sleek titanium casing of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Speculation that the issue could be tied to the transition from the Lightning charging cable to the more widely used USB-C port was also dismissed by Apple.

Although Apple expresses confidence in resolving the overheating problem quickly through software updates, it could still impact the sales of its flagship product. The company has faced consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines in overall sales, and this issue might further dampen sales figures.

Apple is attempting to boost sales by increasing the starting price for the iPhone 15 Pro Max by $100, reaching $1,200. However, investor concerns about Apple’s sales performance have already caused a decline of more than $300 billion in shareholder wealth since the company achieved a market value of $3 trillion for the first time in June.

In conclusion, Apple acknowledges the software bug and popular apps as the culprits behind the iPhone 15 overheating issues. The company is working on a fix and collaborating with app developers to resolve the problem. Users are advised to wait for the software update while continuing to use their devices without any safety concerns.

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