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Apple Fixes 2023 Mac Pro Hard Drive Issue in macOS Ventura 13.5

by Kyle Meranda

Apple Releases macOS 13.5 Update to Fix Mac Pro Hard Drive Issue

Apple has released an update for its macOS operating system to address a hard drive issue affecting the 2023 Mac Pro. The issue caused certain SATA hard drives to unexpectedly disconnect from the computer after it woke from sleep. In a support document published last month, Apple had acknowledged the issue and promised to fix it in a future update.

Today, Apple updated the support document to indicate that the issue has been resolved in the macOS Ventura 13.5 update, which was released today. Users simply need to update their Mac to fix the problem. It is expected that the issue will also be resolved in the macOS Sonoma beta.

The Mac Pro, which was unveiled at WWDC last month, features Apple’s M2 Ultra chip and is configured with SSD storage. However, it also has SATA ports for connecting internal hard drives, and it was these drives that were experiencing the disconnection bug.

Apple advised affected users to restart their Mac if they received a message stating that the disk was not ejected properly. With the release of the macOS 13.5 update, users can now expect their drives to remain connected after the computer wakes from sleep.

The new Mac Pro, with its M2 Ultra chip, has the same design as the Intel-based model from 2019. However, it lacks support for graphics cards and user-upgradeable RAM due to the unified architecture of Apple silicon. Users who do not need PCIe expansion may consider the Mac Studio as an alternative.

In addition to the macOS 13.5 update, Apple also released other significant updates. For example, the company previewed the next generation of CarPlay at WWDC 2022, promising deeper integration with vehicle functions and support for multiple displays. Customers can expect the first vehicles with support for the new CarPlay experience to be announced later this year.

However, there have also been reports of issues with Apple devices. Some BMW owners have complained that their iPhone 15’s NFC chip stops working after charging the device on their vehicle’s wireless charging pad. Apple is said to be addressing the issue with an upcoming update.

Similarly, there have been reports of overheating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple plans to release an iOS 17 update to address the bug that may contribute to the overheating issue. The company also acknowledges that recent updates to third-party apps have overloaded the system and contributed to the problem.

While there have been some issues reported with Apple devices, the company is known for addressing these problems promptly. With the release of updates like macOS 13.5 and iOS 17.1, Apple is demonstrating its commitment to providing timely solutions to improve the user experience.

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