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Apple fixes three serious bugs in iOS and macOS — update your iPhone and Mac right now

by Kyle Meranda

Apple has released emergency security updates to address three zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS and macOS that were being exploited by hackers. These vulnerabilities could allow hackers to bypass signature validation, execute arbitrary code, and escalate privileges on compromised devices. The bugs were discovered by The Citizen Lab and may have been actively exploited against older versions of iOS. Apple has already patched these vulnerabilities with the release of iOS 16.7/17.0.1, macOS 12.7/13.6, iPadOS 16.7/17.0.1, and watchOS 9.6.3/10.0.1. Users are advised to update their devices to protect against these threats.

Keeping devices up to date is crucial for protecting against cyberattacks and malware. Hackers often target users who haven’t updated their devices, exploiting vulnerabilities that have already been patched. In addition to regular updates, using reputable antivirus software can provide additional protection. While Apple devices have built-in antivirus software, it’s recommended to use third-party solutions for comprehensive security. Intego’s Mac antivirus software can also scan iPhones and iPads for malware when connected to a Mac via USB.

Apple’s timely response to these vulnerabilities is commendable. Some companies wait until after large-scale cyberattacks to address zero-day flaws. With 16 zero-day vulnerabilities patched so far this year, Apple is actively working to enhance the security of its devices. Users should prioritize updating their devices and utilizing antivirus software to safeguard against these threats.

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