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Apple Pencil 3 may use interchangeable magnetic tips

by Kyle Meranda

The next iteration of the Apple Pencil, according to a prominent leaker, may come with interchangeable magnetic tips. This new feature would allow users to customize the stylus for different purposes, such as drawing, technical drawing, and painting.

Currently, the first and second generations of the Apple Pencil use replaceable nibs that can be swapped out as they wear over time. Additionally, there are third-party tip replacements available in the market that offer alternative functionalities for the stylus when used with an iPad display.

The leak, shared by serial leaker “Majin Bu” on Twitter, suggests that the Apple Pencil 3 will ship with interchangeable magnetic tips. The source claims that these tip changes will enhance the Apple Pencil’s performance in different activities. The tweet includes images of tips with different sizes and thicknesses, possibly indicating the availability of varying materials as well.

By utilizing magnets, the interchangeable tips would be easier to switch between compared to the current friction-fit mechanism employed by previous versions. This improved usability is likely to be welcomed by users who rely heavily on their Apple Pencils for creative and professional work.

The plausibility of this leak is supported by previous patents and applications filed by Apple. These documents explore the functionality of the Apple Pencil and the possibility of changing its capabilities based on the type of tip used. For instance, a sensor-equipped nib could measure the color of a substance it touches, adding a new dimension to the stylus’s capabilities.

While specific details about the third-generation Apple Pencil are scarce, it is worth noting that Apple has not updated its stylus since November 2018 when the second-generation model was released. Given this timeline, users have been eagerly anticipating a new release, and the inclusion of interchangeable magnetic tips would undoubtedly be an exciting addition to the Apple Pencil’s feature set.

As of now, Apple has not made any official announcements regarding the Apple Pencil 3 or its potential features. However, the leak and the possibility of interchangeable tips have generated anticipation among Apple users who are eager to see how this new functionality could enhance their creative workflows.

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