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Apple Promises Software Update to Address iPhone 15 Overheating Complaints

by Kyle Meranda

Apple to issue software update to address overheating complaints with iPhone 15 models

Apple has announced that it will release a software update in response to customer complaints regarding overheating issues with its latest iPhone 15 models. The company acknowledged that the devices were running hot due to a combination of bugs in iOS 17, bugs in certain apps, and a temporary setup period.

Since the release of the iPhone 15 models a week ago, users have taken to various online platforms, including Apple’s forums, Reddit, and social media, to express their concerns about the devices getting hotter than expected during use. Even CNBC’s review of the new iPhone Pros highlighted the overheating problem with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Users have reported difficulties in holding their new iPhones due to the excessive heat generated by the devices. One commenter on Apple’s forums expressed their frustration, stating, “I just got the iPhone 15 Pro today, and it’s so hot I can’t even hold it for very long!”

However, Apple clarified that the overheating issue was not related to the redesigned titanium enclosure with an aluminum frame, which was introduced in its high-end models, namely the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The company attributed the problem to specific app bugs and a software bug in iOS that can be addressed through software updates.

To tackle the overheating problems, Apple has decided to release a software update for the affected iPhone 15 models. This update is expected to fix the bugs in iOS and the apps causing the overheating issues. Users who have been experiencing the problem will be advised to install the update once it becomes available.

It is worth noting that Apple consistently releases software updates to address any performance issues or bugs that may arise after the launch of its products. Such updates aim to provide users with optimized and improved device experiences.

Apple’s response to the overheating complaints reflects the company’s commitment to resolving issues promptly and ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. By addressing the problem through a software update, Apple demonstrates its dedication to continuously improving its products and delivering a reliable user experience.

In conclusion, Apple has acknowledged the overheating complaints regarding its iPhone 15 models and plans to release a software update to fix the issue. The company attributes the problem to bugs in iOS and specific apps. The upcoming update is expected to address these bugs and provide users with a seamless and reliable device experience.

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