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Apple releases iOS 17.1 beta 2 to developers, here’s what’s new

by Maine Bacos

Apple users are eagerly awaiting the release of the minor updates that will follow iOS 17.0. These updates will gradually introduce new features and changes that were previewed during WWDC23. One of the upcoming updates, iOS 17.1 beta 2, is now available to developers and may include some of these anticipated features.

While we are still testing iOS 17.1 beta 2 to uncover all of its additions and tweaks, we will update this article with any noticeable or significant changes that we find. In the meantime, you can visit Apple’s official release notes for more information on modifications, bug fixes, and other updates included in this build.

Here are some of the features that were introduced in iOS 17.1 beta 1:

1. Favorites in Apple Music: iOS 17.1 beta 1 introduced a new favoriting system in the Apple Music app. Users can now quickly star a song from the Now Playing screen and other locations, and filter their library based on their favorites. The algorithm also uses this information to provide more relevant recommendations.

2. Smarter playlists: Apple Music on iOS 17.1 beta 1 suggests similar songs that users can add to an existing playlist based on the genre and vibe of the current track list.

3. AirDrop using internet: With iOS 17.1 beta 1, users can now use the internet to upload and download files when AirDropping between two iPhones that are no longer in close proximity.

4. Bank account details in Wallet: Eligible users can link their bank accounts to the Wallet app on iOS 17.1 beta 1 to view their balance, previous transactions, and other relevant details.

5. Removal of iOS 17.0 ringtones: The initial release of iOS 17.0 included new ringtones and alerts. However, iOS 17.1 beta 1 has temporarily removed these tones. It is unclear whether Apple plans to reintroduce them in a future build.

If you are a developer and wish to install the latest beta build, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Settings app on your compatible iPhone.
2. Go to the General section.
3. Tap on Software Update.
4. Wait for the page to refresh. If the update does not appear, force-quit the Settings app and go through the steps again.
5. Once the update appears, click the Download and Install button.
6. You may be asked to agree to the terms of service. Read them carefully before agreeing.
7. The update will start downloading and then take a few minutes to prepare.
8. Once the preparation is complete, the update will install if your battery has enough power. Keep your iPhone connected to a power source until the installation is finished.
9. Congratulations! You are now running the latest iOS beta version on your iPhone.

As more details and updates become available, be sure to check back with us for the latest information on iOS 17.1 and future releases.

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