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Apple updates Studio Display firmware to enable new camera features

by Kyle Meranda

Apple Releases New Firmware Update for Studio Display: What’s New?

Alongside the release of macOS Sonoma to the public today, Apple has also pushed a new firmware version to the Studio Display. Apple says that this Studio Display update includes changes to the camera, plus other stability improvements.

The Studio Display’s camera has been a point of contention since the standalone display debuted last year. Apple has made various changes via firmware updates, and today’s release of Studio Display Firmware Update 17 continues that trend.

Apple says that today’s Studio Display update brings “zoom, recenter, and manual framing to the built-in camera.” This gives users more control over the Studio Display’s Ultra Wide 12MP camera, which offers support for Center Stage.

In addition to camera enhancements, Apple also mentioned that this update brings “minor stability improvements” to the overall Studio Display experience. This should address any issues or bugs that users may have encountered.

To manage Studio Display firmware versions, users can do so via the Mac connected to the monitor. By heading to System Settings > General > Software Update, users can check if the update is available. It may also show up at the top of the sidebar in the System Settings.

It’s important to note that Studio Display Firmware Update 17 requires the Mac connected to the display to be running the latest release of macOS Sonoma. This ensures compatibility and optimal performance between the display and the connected device.

With Apple continuously working on improving the Studio Display’s camera and overall functionality through firmware updates, users can expect an enhanced and smoother experience with their Studio Display.

In conclusion, Apple’s latest firmware update for the Studio Display brings camera enhancements, including zoom, recenter, and manual framing, along with minor stability improvements. Users can easily manage and install the update via the connected Mac, ensuring optimal performance. As Apple continues to fine-tune the Studio Display’s features, users can look forward to an even better experience with their display.

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