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Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing is an ‘aha moment’

by Amelia Ramiro

Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his belief in the potential of spatial computing, stating that it adds more ways for developers to succeed on top of the already impressive App Store.

During his visit to Apple’s Battersea Power Station headquarters in London, Tim Cook spoke about the company’s work on AI, as well as apps and the Apple Vision Pro. He described the current apps available as “outstanding” and highlighted the empowerment of the App Store, stating that he is amazed that entrepreneurs from around the world can start a company and achieve global success.

Cook also talked about the Apple Vision Pro, a headset that utilizes spatial computing and is expected to launch in early 2024. He mentioned that developers are eagerly anticipating its release and that there is a lot of excitement surrounding it.

The Apple Vision Pro has become a part of Cook’s nightly routine as he seeks to further understand its potential as a major product. He emphasized the importance of actually trying the headset, stating that there are significant differences in perception between reading about it and experiencing it firsthand.

Cook also discussed Apple’s role as “tool makers” for individuals to change the world. He highlighted the company’s commitment to making developer tools simple and easy to use, recognizing that the real value lies in the developers’ ideas rather than the process of bringing them to life. Cook expressed satisfaction in seeing this validation play out.

Overall, Tim Cook’s remarks underscore the significance of spatial computing and its potential impact on developers and the technology industry as a whole. With the Apple Vision Pro on the horizon, the future of spatial computing looks promising.

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