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Apple’s 2024 releases headed up by Apple Vision Pro, iPad Pro

by Kyle Meranda

Apple’s 2024 Launches: What to Expect

Apple’s annual iPhone launch event has come and gone, but the rumor mill is already shifting its focus to what the tech giant has in store for 2024. According to a roundup of expected releases, next year promises to be a considerable year for Apple, with several exciting products on the horizon.

In a recent newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman provides a comprehensive list of Apple’s anticipated product lineup for 2024. He emphasizes that while the releases in 2023 serve as a stopgap, the company has larger changes planned for the following year.

Topping Gurman’s list is the Apple Vision Pro, a product that he believes will help draw consumers to Apple’s retail stores. This device is expected to have a significant impact on the sales of other Apple products at these locations, creating a so-called “halo effect.”

Another standout release for 2024 is the tenth-anniversary Apple Watch, which is rumored to receive a significant update. Referred to as the “Series X,” this redesigned version of the popular smartwatch is expected to include features like a blood pressure monitor. Additionally, an AI-powered health coaching service is also said to be in the works.

For tablet enthusiasts, the iPad Pro is anticipated to receive its first redesign in five years. Reports suggest that the upcoming model will feature an OLED display and a revamped Magic Keyboard, providing an enhanced user experience.

On the Mac front, Apple is rumored to make the transition to M3 and 3-nanometer Mac chips. This means that updates to popular devices like the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are likely to be the first to incorporate these new chips.

Apple is also expected to increase the screen size of its 2024 iPhones, with the Pro models rumored to receive slightly larger displays. This upgrade will undoubtedly enhance the overall visual experience for iPhone users.

In addition to these hardware releases, Gurman predicts that 2024 will be the year Apple ventures into the generative AI space. The company is said to utilize its own large-language model called “Ajax” and an internal tool known as “Apple GPT” to drive advancements in this field.

While these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, they provide an exciting glimpse into what Apple has in store for the coming year. As always, the tech giant continues to push boundaries and innovate, ensuring that its loyal consumers have something to look forward to.

As we eagerly await further announcements and details from Apple, it’s clear that the year 2024 holds great potential for the company. Whether it’s the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro, the redesigned iPad Pro, or the advancements in AI technology, Apple enthusiasts have plenty to be excited about.

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