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Apple’s New iPadOS 17 Makes Multitasking a Bit Better

by Kyle Meranda

Apple recently released iPadOS 17, the latest version of its operating system for iPads. While there may not be a new iPad released this year, the new features and improvements in iPadOS 17 are definitely worth downloading.

One notable change is the improvement to Stage Manager, Apple’s multitasking system for the iPad. In previous versions, Stage Manager felt restrictive in terms of how you arrange your app windows. However, in iPadOS 17, the options are more fluid, allowing you to drag and stagger apps more easily. The Stage Manager dock and Apple’s iOS app dock can also be minimized, allowing you to fill the screen with just the apps you want. These changes make multitasking on the iPad a much more pleasant experience.

The upgraded lock screens from the iPhone have also made their way to the iPad in iPadOS 17. While the lock screen may not be as useful for the iPad, as it is a device that is turned on when needed, the addition of more interactive controls on the home screen widgets is a welcome change. These larger widgets provide more functionality and make the iPad feel more fluid.

Another great addition to iPadOS 17 is the Health app. It’s surprising that Apple didn’t have this app on iPads before, considering its importance in storing medical and fitness information. The iPad version of the Health app works the same way as the iPhone app, just on a larger canvas. Mood logging, a new feature in iOS 17, is also available on the iPad, allowing users to track their emotions and tag related activities.

Other hidden features in iPadOS 17 include improved PDF support, making it easier to retrieve and view PDFs, and filling out PDF forms. Apple’s Stickers, which were previously a part of the Messages app, are now popping up across the OS, making it fun and easy to add animated stickers to your messages. Additionally, there is an assistive feature called Personal Voice that allows users to replicate their own voice for situations when they may not be able to speak. This feature is available in the Accessibility settings and can be a useful tool for those with speech disabilities.

Overall, iPadOS 17 may not be a revolutionary update, but it brings some welcome additions and improvements to the iPad. The new features make multitasking, lock screens, and widgets more intuitive and functional. With the ongoing development of iPadOS, it’s clear that Apple is bridging the gap between its different devices and creating a seamless user experience across its ecosystem.

So, even though there may not be a new iPad this year, downloading iPadOS 17 is definitely worth it to enhance your iPad experience.

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