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Application Highlight: Everspin EMxxLX MRAM Brings Robust Memory to PLC and Industrial Robotics

by Amelia Ramiro
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In automated manufacturing and industrial robotics, PLCs play a crucial role in operations, efficiency, and avoiding downtime. PLCs require a well-designed and integrated memory configuration program to customize work processes and store program instructions and process monitoring data.

Major PLC manufacturers have chosen to use magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) for this memory configuration. MRAM offers several advantages, including high write cycle endurance and 20-year data retention at high temperatures. These features ensure that line configurations are preserved and stable. Additionally, MRAM can quickly write interim data in the event of a power loss or downtime, reducing the time required to resume operations and minimizing losses.

The use cases for MRAM in industrial processes are diverse and include assembly lines, robots, inventory managers, and other automated machines that require reliable and easy-to-program memory. Industries such as automobile production, food processing, oil and gas processing, healthcare, aerospace, utility management, chemical production, gaming, and pharmaceuticals already rely on MRAM for their operations.

In aerospace, for example, MRAM is used in critical systems important for aircraft operation, data logging, and other functions. Airbus, a prominent aerospace manufacturer, has utilized MRAM products from Everspin Technologies in several critical systems. MRAM is also applied in industrial automation, data logging for robotics, and industrial electronics process automation applications. Furthermore, major electric vehicle manufacturers leverage MRAM for data logging in inverters and battery management systems, sensor data collection, diagnostic and fault codes, and predictive maintenance.

Everspin recently announced the commercial availability of its EMxxLX family of high-density STT-MRAM products. These MRAM devices outperform flash memory in terms of access speed, write throughput, write latency, and RAM usage. The EMxxLX lineup is designed for electronic systems that require data persistence, integrity, low power consumption, low latency, and security. These systems include industrial IoT, network/enterprise infrastructure, process automation and control, aeronautics/avionics, medical, gaming, and FPGA configurations.

Key features of the EMxxLX xSPI STT-MRAM Product Family include a standard serial interface, JEDEC compliance, various density options, an operating temperature range of -40 to +105 ºC, high read and write speeds of up to 400MB/s (200Mhz), unlimited read and writes, low voltage requirements, long data retention, interface compatibility with other memory types, and multiple package options.

Users can purchase EMxxLX devices directly from Everspin or through their distributor network.

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tags, in this case, highlights the importance of MRAM in PLCs and industrial robotics. MRAM offers stability, reliability, and high-performance memory for critical industrial processes. Everspin’s EMxxLX lineup represents the latest advancements in STT-MRAM technology and provides a solution for electronic systems that require persistent and secure memory. With the commercial availability of these high-density MRAM products, industries can further enhance the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of their automated manufacturing and industrial robotics systems.

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