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At Amazon’s 2023 device event, AI was everywhere and nowhere

by Amelia Ramiro

Amazon’s annual Device and Services event in 2023 was filled with buzz about artificial intelligence (AI). AI was mentioned in almost everything Amazon announced during the event, saturating press releases and presentations. Dave Limp, the outgoing vice president of devices and services for Amazon, mentioned AI, along with other executives such as Rohit Prasad, lead scientist for artificial general intelligence, Heather Zorn, vice president for Alexa, and Daniel Rausch, vice president of Fire TV and Alexa.

The prevalence of AI raises the question of whether it’s still a standout feature. With every device and service boasting AI capabilities, it becomes less of a unique selling point. It’s reminiscent of the 5G Wars, where every company claimed to have the best 5G technology.

The challenge for Amazon is to show that their AI is superior to competitors like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. However, AI is unlikely to be marketed as a standalone feature, but rather embedded in the devices and services consumers use. Similar to the “Intel Inside” badges on computers, AI will be the fuel that powers these devices.

Ultimately, the price of Amazon products may be the key selling point, rather than their AI capabilities. Consumers expect AI to be a standard feature in devices like the Echo speaker or Fire TV Stick. The focus will shift to how effectively these devices use AI and how it enhances the user experience.

In the future, AI will become more expensive and crucial in terms of its capabilities and handling of data. For Amazon and other companies, AI will play a significant role in improving consumer experiences and advancing their businesses.

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