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Baldur’s Gate 3 players are struggling with inventory chaos after shared stash update

by Norman Scott

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are currently facing a frustrating issue with the game’s latest update. The implementation of a new shared stash feature has led to a cluttered and unmanageable inventory for many players, with some even claiming that it has “ruined the game.”

The recent patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 introduced several anticipated features and improvements, such as the Magic Mirror, which allows players to change their character’s appearance, and Mac support. However, it is the change to inventory management that has caused the most dissatisfaction among players.

Previously, key items from dismissed party members would remain in their inventories. However, after Patch 3, these items are now automatically transferred to the main character’s inventory. This has resulted in a cluttered and disorganized inventory, which has proven to be a significant annoyance for players.

The shared stash update was intended to ensure that story items and characters in the inventory of dismissed party members would properly transfer over to another party member. However, players have expressed their frustration with the new feature.

In a Reddit post with over 3,700 upvotes, a player vented their frustration, stating that the new shared stash feature “has ruined the game” for them. They explained, “My main character is not a mule to carry all of companions’ bags and pouches when they’re dismissed from the party.”

Another player commented on the annoyance of receiving camp supplies and alchemy pouches from characters whenever they are changed out. They emphasized a preference for accessing inventories while in camp without having them in the party, rather than “playing hot potato with items.”

Players have suggested alternative solutions to the issue. One proposal is to allow access to the inventories of all characters while in camp, regardless of whether they are in the party or not. This would provide a more user-friendly experience and eliminate the need for the shared stash feature. Alternatively, players have requested an option to toggle the shared stash feature on or off, giving them control over how their inventory is managed.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam Forums are filled with hopeful discussions about the possibility of turning off the shared stash feature. Many players find it annoying, as it leads to the main character becoming burdened with items from other companions.

In conclusion, while Patch 3 for Baldur’s Gate 3 introduced exciting new features and improvements, the implementation of the shared stash feature has caused frustration among players. The cluttered inventory and lack of control over item management have led some to claim that the game has been “ruined.” Players are hopeful for a solution that will address these concerns, such as allowing access to all inventories while in camp or the option to toggle the shared stash feature on or off.

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