Home Artificial Intelligence Bank of America upgrades this cloud computing stock that can surge nearly 50%

Bank of America upgrades this cloud computing stock that can surge nearly 50%

by Amelia Ramiro

Nutanix Receives Upgrade from Bank of America, a Promising Growth Story

Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan recently upgraded his rating on Nutanix, an enterprise cloud computing and software solutions company, from neutral to buy. In addition to this upgrade, Mohan also raised the price target on the stock from $39 to $50, implying a potential upside of 48.1% from Wednesday’s closing price.

Mohan’s optimistic outlook is based on several factors that he believes will contribute to Nutanix’s growth in the coming years. He expects improvements in key fundamentals such as ACV (Annual Contract Value) billings, revenue, and operating margin. Mohan also believes that increased renewals will drive a higher portion of ACV billings growth, leading to more stable revenues for the company. Moreover, he anticipates operating leverage through lower renewal costs.

In recent news, Nutanix unveiled a new software-defined platform called “GPT-In-A-Box.” This platform aims to simplify the adoption of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) while ensuring companies maintain control over their data. This innovative offering positions Nutanix as a player in the growing AI market.

Another factor boosting Nutanix’s growth potential is its partnership with Cisco. Mohan believes that this collaboration will be beneficial as it combines Nutanix’s cloud platform with Cisco’s UCS compute, cloud management, networking, and security capabilities. By leveraging Cisco’s extensive go-to-market reach, Nutanix aims to sell its hybrid multi-cloud software to a wider customer base.

Mohan also highlights the possible advantages Nutanix may gain from Broadcom’s impending acquisition of cloud computing company VMware. If Broadcom decides to focus primarily on VMware’s largest customers, it could create opportunities for Nutanix to expand its market share with other customers.

Despite his positive outlook, Mohan acknowledges some risks to Nutanix’s growth trajectory. Increased competition from established companies like Dell and HP Enterprise is a concern, as well as potential lackluster improvement at larger customer accounts.

The market responded positively to Mohan’s upgrade, with Nutanix shares jumping 2.8% before the market opened on Thursday. Year-to-date, the stock has already rallied nearly 30%, indicating investor optimism in the company’s future prospects.

Looking ahead, Nutanix is scheduled to hold its analyst day later this month, where Mohan believes the company has the potential to surpass Wall Street consensus estimates. This event could be a catalyst for further investor confidence and potential stock price growth.

In conclusion, Nutanix’s promising growth story has garnered attention from Bank of America and analyst Wamsi Mohan. With anticipated improvements in fundamentals, strategic partnerships, and innovative products, Nutanix is positioned for future success. However, the company must navigate challenges from competitors and ensure sustained growth at larger customer accounts. Investors and industry observers will be eagerly watching Nutanix’s performance in the coming months.

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