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Biggest Machine Learning, Robotic And Automation Updates – September 4th Week

by Joey De Leon

AI Weekly Roundup: Top Updates in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and More

Welcome to your AI Weekly Roundup, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, fintech, and human-system interactions. In this edition, we will be covering some of the most remarkable advancements in these fields that are shaping various industries and our daily lives.

1. Viral x Quantelica: Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency Ecosystems
In the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market, Viral Sniper emerges as a noteworthy project. Amidst the crowded digital currency arena, this initiative not only offers a comprehensive ecosystem but also presents a clear vision for the future. Learn more about the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

2. John Snow Labs Announces Program for NLP Summit, the World’s Largest Gathering on Applied Natural Language Processing
John Snow Labs, a leading healthcare AI and NLP company, is organizing its annual NLP Summit virtually from October 3-5. This event brings together the artificial intelligence community to explore cutting-edge use cases, advancements, and challenges in natural language processing and large language models. Don’t miss out on the world’s largest gathering of AI enthusiasts!

3. Klick Health Launches First ChatGPT Plugin for Life Sciences Industry in US
Klick Health has introduced the first ChatGPT plugin for life sciences companies in the United States. Powered by OpenAI, this free plugin enables professionals in the industry to quickly obtain information on industry payments to any healthcare professional simply by entering their National Provider Identifier. This development reflects Klick’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence tools ethically, while providing valuable insights to the life sciences industry.

4. SAP Announces New Generative AI Assistant Joule
SAP SE has unveiled Joule, a natural-language, generative AI copilot that promises to transform business operations. Joule will be integrated throughout SAP’s cloud enterprise portfolio, offering proactive and contextualized insights from various sources. By quickly analyzing and contextualizing data, Joule empowers users to work more efficiently and achieve better business outcomes in a secure, compliant manner. Discover how Joule can revolutionize your workflow.

5. Viz.ai Announces Expansion Into Outpatient Ambulatory Centers to Accelerate Clinical Trial Recruitment in Heart Failure
Viz.ai, a leader in AI-powered disease detection and intelligent care coordination, is expanding its reach into outpatient ambulatory centers to accelerate clinical trial recruitment. One prime example is Amavita Heart and Vascular Health, which has integrated Viz.ai technology into its outpatient ambulatory centers to screen and recruit patients for a clinical study on heart failure. This groundbreaking initiative, sponsored by a global biopharma company, showcases the potential of AI in advancing medical research.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and beyond. To share your insights with us, please get in touch at sghosh@martechseries.com.

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