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‘Blasphemous’ management simulation game The Kindeman Remedy for PC launches November 16

by Gamerx Ramiro

The management simulation game, “The Kindeman Remedy,” is set to launch on PC via Steam on November 16, according to publisher 3D Realms and developer Troglobytes Games. The game offers players a unique and diabolical experience, as they take on the role of Doctor Carl Kindeman, a disgraced physician seeking to regain his reputation.

In “The Kindeman Remedy,” players are aided by a lascivious nun in a grim prison as they carry out various tasks such as rigging executions, conducting horrid experiments, and performing unspeakable acts in order to create a cure-all remedy. The game pushes players to their limits as they explore the depths of their own moral compasses.

Doctor Carl Kindeman, the protagonist, is a figure who has lost everything. Shunned and hated by the medical community for his controversial methods, he takes a job in a wretched prison to seek redemption. Here, he plans to restore his reputation and conduct his experiments in secrecy.

The game offers players the opportunity to be the monster they always feared. Doctor Kindeman will go to any lengths to restore his reputation, even if it means sacrificing the lives of inmates. Players can choose to let them die on the electric chair or save them only to use them for research purposes later. Mutilation, burning, or tearing them apart are all options, as players delve into the dark side of their own genius.

Managing Doctor Kindeman’s lab is no small task. Players must upgrade and utilize eight different rooms, manage resources, experiment with poisons, drugs, and hazardous substances, all while conducting secret research. Sister Anna, a loyal ally, stands by the doctor’s side, ready to carry out his orders.

“The Kindeman Remedy” offers a story-driven experience, immersing players in a dark and twisted narrative. The game features complex characters and raises moral questions as it explores the other side of evil: humanity. Multiple endings and unlockable events add replayability, allowing players to shape the destiny of Anna and Carl.

With its unique concept and disturbing gameplay, “The Kindeman Remedy” promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Players will delve into the mind of a mad doctor, confronting their own morality and making choices that determine the fate of innocent lives.

Check out the release date trailer below to get a glimpse of the unsettling world of “The Kindeman Remedy.”

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