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Carbon Shares Platform Improvements – Digital Engineering 24/7

by Amelia Ramiro

Carbon, a leading company in the field of additive manufacturing, has announced a new high-performance elastomer material called EPU 46. This new resin is a significant step forward for Carbon, as it is the first in their elastomer portfolio to offer customization in both color and material stiffness.

One of the key features of EPU 46 is its ability to be printed in a range of colors. By offering a color base, Carbon enables customers to print parts that are unique to their brand and aesthetic. This customization option expands the possibilities for designers and manufacturers, allowing them to create visually striking products that stand out from the competition.

Another important aspect of EPU 46 is its tunable material stiffness. The resin can be formulated with different ratios to achieve specific levels of material stiffness, ranging from Shore 78A to Shore 56A. This flexibility allows for a wide range of applications, as designers can create parts with varying levels of flexibility depending on their specific needs.

What sets EPU 46 apart from other elastomer materials is its durability and energy return properties. Carbon describes it as their premier energy return resin, making it suitable for high-performance applications. Additionally, EPU 46 is 100% stiffer than their previous elastomer material, EPU 41. This increased stiffness enables the printing of lighter parts, leading to lower costs and the ability to create complex geometries. The resin also has the added benefit of being 40% bio-based, in line with Carbon’s commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, Carbon has designed EPU 46 with ease of use and waste reduction in mind. The material is compatible with solvent-free cleaning and resin reclaim processes, minimizing waste and making it more environmentally friendly.

Overall, Carbon’s EPU 46 is a significant advancement in the field of elastomer materials for additive manufacturing. Its customizable color and tunable material stiffness provide designers and manufacturers with new possibilities for creating unique and functional products. The resin’s durability, energy return properties, and sustainability features make it a valuable addition to Carbon’s elastomer portfolio.

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