Home Games Carrion meets Castlevania in Necrofugitive—a 2D stealth-action game where your enemies can set traps and learn from your slaughter

Carrion meets Castlevania in Necrofugitive—a 2D stealth-action game where your enemies can set traps and learn from your slaughter

by Gamerx Ramiro

Necrofugitive: A Promising Hack and Slash Game

I’m always up for some hack ‘n’ slash action, and that’s exactly what Necrofugitive promises to deliver. Developed by Black Garden Studios, this game revolves around a runaway monster who is relentlessly pursued by medieval knights after a brutal witch hunt. Recently, the game dropped another exciting gameplay trailer as part of Realms Deep.

The core concept of Necrofugitive is quite intriguing. Players take on the role of The Prisoner, a character with gory shapeshifting powers, who finds themselves being hunted down by the entire kingdom, as well as a few bounty hunters. The trailer provides a glimpse into a thrilling hack ‘n’ slash journey through the Kingdom of Avencia. However, the game is not solely about flashy combos and evisceration.

According to the game’s website, Necrofugitive boasts a reactive AI system that features enemies who are determined to track you down. Unlike mere cannon fodder, these enemies will actively hunt you, making the game focused on replicating the feeling of being hunted and on the run. The website states, “enemies are numerous and completely ruthless, will search the level for you and will relentlessly chase you down if you are sighted.”

To aid players in staying out of sight, the game offers several special abilities. These include a fleshy grappling hook, acrobatic jumps, and the ability to take on the appearance of your victims, reminiscent of Phobia Game Studio’s reverse-horror game Carrion. Additionally, players can transform into a fearsome being known as the “Slaughter Demon,” although this is not a guaranteed way to escape capture.

One interesting aspect that caught my attention is the promise of intelligent AI that genuinely makes players feel hunted. The enemies in Necrofugitive are designed to learn from your attacks and set traps instead of simply mindlessly charging at you. They can identify and retreat from danger, form defensive positions, organize ambushes, and even follow the direction of a commander. The longer you stay in a fight, the more they learn from your strategies. If Black Garden Studios can successfully achieve this predator-prey dynamic, it could make the game’s atmosphere all the more immersive.

Of course, delivering on such ambitious AI promises is not an easy task. Many games in the past have claimed to feature ultra-intelligent enemies, only to have them easily manipulated. However, if Black Garden Studios can truly pull off this challenging balance, Necrofugitive has the potential to redefine hack ‘n’ slash experiences.

For those eager to give the game a try, there is a demo available on Steam right now. This gives players the opportunity to step into the shoes of the eldritch god of chaos’ special boy and get a taste of the thrilling chase that awaits.

In conclusion, Necrofugitive appears to be a promising addition to the hack ‘n’ slash genre. Its intense gameplay trailer, reactive AI system, and the potential for an immersive hunting experience make it a game worth keeping an eye on. Whether you prefer stealthy approaches or going loud, the Kingdom of Avencia awaits your presence.

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