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CCP knows Dust 514 should never have been a console exclusive: ‘If we had been on PC the whole time the game would literally be alive’

by Gamerx Ramiro

EVE Fanfest, the annual convention for fans of EVE Online, provided an opportunity for PC Gamer to sit down with Snorri Árnason, the game director of EVE Online. The conversation covered various topics, including the recent developments in EVE Online and the future direction of the game. However, the highlight for many fans at the event was the announcement of EVE Vanguard, a new FPS game that connects to EVE Online and serves as a successor to the previously unsuccessful Dust 514.

Árnason himself expressed a deep affection for Dust 514, which served as his introduction to EVE Online. Despite its shortcomings, he was drawn to the game due to its immersive and permanent nature, with consequences and effects for players’ actions. While acknowledging the game’s problems, Árnason discussed his personal involvement in the decision to make Dust 514 a PlayStation 3 exclusive and the eventual closure of the game in 2016. However, he also expressed his belief that if Dust 514 had been developed for PC from the beginning, it could have thrived and remained a part of the EVE Online universe.

EVE Vanguard, on the other hand, represents CCP’s fifth attempt at developing an FPS game connected to EVE Online. Árnason revealed that previous attempts had been made but were not as well-known. However, with EVE Vanguard, CCP took a different approach. Instead of treating the game as a standalone entity, the team integrated it as a feature within EVE Online. This allowed them to utilize existing player roles and the core elements of the EVE universe, such as industry and player organizations. By doing so, they aimed to create an authentic experience that would appeal to both shooter players and EVE Online enthusiasts.

Árnason emphasized the importance of staying true to the EVE universe and its DNA. They want EVE Vanguard to be more than just a shooter with an EVE skin; instead, it should feel like a genuinely immersive experience that demonstrates the unique qualities of the EVE universe. Although this approach may limit the game’s audience, CCP is committed to creating an authentic and meaningful game that aligns with the EVE Online ethos.

Overall, EVE Vanguard represents a new opportunity for CCP to re-enter the FPS genre and seamlessly connect it to the established EVE Online universe. With its focus on authenticity and integration with the EVE experience, it aims to capture the attention of both shooter players and EVE enthusiasts. As the game progresses, fans eagerly anticipate how EVE Vanguard will evolve and contribute to the ever-expanding EVE Online universe.

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