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CEO Who Replaced 90% of Support Staff With AI Says Copy-Paste Jobs Are Gone

by Joey De Leon

The Rise of AI: Are Copy-Paste Jobs a Thing of the Past?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize the way businesses operate, and one sector that has witnessed significant changes is customer service. The CEO of India-based ecommerce company, Suumit Shah, believes that jobs reliant on copy-pasting responses are becoming obsolete due to AI advancements.

Earlier this year, Shah drew controversy when he announced that he had replaced 90% of his support staff with a chatbot. The move sparked backlash, with critics questioning the ethics of replacing human employees with AI. However, Shah remains firm in his belief that the future of customer service lies with AI.

“That job is gone. 100 percent,” Shah stated in an interview with The Washington Post. He referred specifically to customer service workers who primarily engage in copy-pasting responses. While he acknowledged that not all customer service jobs are at risk, he emphasized the benefits of utilizing AI technology.

According to Shah, replacing his support team with a chatbot was a “no-brainer.” He highlighted the chatbot’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and instantaneous response time as major advantages over human employees. Furthermore, Shah mentioned that the company’s customer support costs reduced by approximately 85% after implementing the AI-powered chatbot.

Shah’s decision to automate customer service through AI garnered widespread attention and criticism. His announcement on social media platform X received millions of views, prompting a heated debate. Critics argued that the layoffs were not solely driven by AI but rather a failing business with dwindling funding.

In response to the backlash, Shah clarified that the layoffs occurred in September the previous year and affected 23 out of 26 customer support team members. He stood by his decision, asserting his belief in AI’s ability to replace jobs in various industries. While he regretted the method of announcing the layoffs on Twitter, Shah remained steadfast in his opinion.

Despite Shah’s conviction, not everyone shares his views on AI’s impact on job creation. Tech leaders such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and IBM CEO Arvind Krishna have expressed their belief that AI will generate more jobs than it eliminates. The ongoing debate leaves room for differing opinions on the future of automation in the workforce.

The implementation of AI in customer service raises concerns about job disruption. A Goldman Sachs report suggests that around 300 million jobs globally could be affected by AI technology. While the full extent of AI’s impact on employment is yet to be determined, it is clear that the technology is already transforming industries and redefining traditional job roles.

As for Shah’s ecommerce company, he reports that the business has grown since the implementation of AI in customer service. While the customer support team has become leaner, Shah emphasizes that they are now more efficient. The funds previously allocated to customer support have been redirected towards driving innovation and expansion.

The rise of AI undoubtedly presents challenges and opportunities for both job seekers and businesses. While the debate over the future of copy-paste jobs continues, it is undeniable that AI technology is reshaping industries and prompting a reconsideration of traditional job roles. As businesses adapt and embrace AI, it remains to be seen how the workforce will evolve alongside these technological advancements.

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