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Code sleuth discovers reference to USB-C Apple Pencil

by Maine Bacos

Apple Pencil 3 with USB-C Charging Support May Be in the Works

Rumors are circulating that Apple could be preparing to release an Apple Pencil 3 with USB-C charging capabilities. The speculation stems from a code reference found in the iOS 17.1 beta 2, although the exact details of what the code suggests are still uncertain.

The 10.9-inch iPad, which was released with a USB-C port, faced challenges when it came to supporting the first-generation Apple Pencil. To address this, Apple introduced a convoluted setup involving a dongle. However, reports of a new Apple Pencil model have begun to emerge, indicating that the company may be working towards eliminating the need for the dongle and resolving the awkward charging situation.

According to Steve Moser of MacRumors, who discovered the code reference, Apple might be developing an Apple Pencil 3 with USB-C charging support. However, it should be noted that the code could also be referencing the existing Lightning-based Pencil with a USB-C dongle.

One of the design limitations of the 10.9-inch iPad was that it wasn’t compatible with the magnetic second-generation Apple Pencil. As a result, users had to rely on dongles to use an Apple Pencil. If the Apple Pencil 3 can indeed charge via USB-C, it could signal a solution to this problem, potentially eliminating the need for any dongles.

Another rumor surrounding the Apple Pencil 3 suggests that it could feature interchangeable magnetic tips. However, there have been very few verifiable sources discussing this possibility, indicating that it may still be early in the development of the product.

It is worth mentioning that since the code referencing the Apple Pencil 3 appeared in the iOS 17.1 beta 2, it could simply be a reference to existing hardware rather than an accidental reveal from Apple. If a new Apple Pencil is indeed on the horizon, it is likely to be announced alongside new iPads. However, reports suggest that these new iPad models may not be unveiled until the spring of 2024.

In conclusion, the possibility of an Apple Pencil 3 with USB-C charging support has sparked excitement among Apple enthusiasts. While the exact details and release date remain uncertain, the potential for a more seamless and convenient Apple Pencil experience is undoubtedly intriguing. Apple fans will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting any official announcements from the company regarding this rumored product.

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