Home Games Colony sim Ascent of Ashes, by a former RimWorld mod team, will hit in November

Colony sim Ascent of Ashes, by a former RimWorld mod team, will hit in November

by Gamerx Ramiro

Ascent of Ashes: A Promising New Colony Sim Ready for Early Access

After a year of anticipation since its initial announcement, colony sim Ascent of Ashes is finally set to release into Early Access on November 15, 2023. Developed by a team of former RimWorld modders known for their popular Combat Extended mod, this game takes players to a distant alien planet that has fallen into disarray after a devastating military conflict.

Players will be tasked with building and defending their own base while venturing out to explore the wider world. The challenges they will face include fending off attacks from post-apocalyptic raiders, other surviving factions, remnants of the official military, as well as encountering various types of alien creatures. The core objective as the leader of the settlement is to maintain a delicate balance among the personalities of the survivors in order to create a functional and sustainable colony.

Ascent of Ashes will offer several unique features not commonly found in the genre. Alongside deep real-time combat, the game promises an AI system that fights back intelligently and behaves realistically according to its type. The emphasis on stealth in real-time control and the ability to restore and utilize abandoned vehicles found during exploration should provide an exciting and immersive gameplay experience. Additionally, the game allows movement across multiple vertical levels, adding complexity and depth to the strategic elements.

The developers’ ambition is to combine the deep simulation aspects of classic games such as Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld with the tactical challenge seen in titles like XCOM and Jagged Alliance. The goal is to provide players with a unique take on the genre that emphasizes exploration, strategic decision-making, and a tightly balanced gameplay experience. The visual design and distinct combat mechanics contribute to this promise of offering something different and refreshing for fans of the genre.

For those interested in trying the game before its official release, Ascent of Ashes will have a demo available as part of Steam Next Fest from October 9-16, 2023. This provides an excellent opportunity to get a taste of what the game has to offer and provide feedback to the developers.

To stay updated on Ascent of Ashes and its release, you can visit its page on Steam, where it will be available in Early Access starting November 15. For further information, you can also visit the developers Vivid Storm Interactive on their website.

PC Gamer has recognized Ascent of Ashes as one of the survival games to watch out for this year, alongside highly anticipated titles like Stalker 2 and Wizard with a Gun. This acknowledgment reflects the growing excitement surrounding the game and further builds anticipation for its upcoming release.

As the release date draws nearer, fans of colony simulation and survival games can look forward to immersing themselves in the unique world of Ascent of Ashes. With its combination of deep simulation, strategic gameplay, and engaging combat, this game has the potential to become a beloved addition to the genre.

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