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Could this XR Headset Overtake Apple’s Vison Pro?

by Amelia Ramiro

Immersed Introduces Visor XR Headset: A Wild Card in XR Competition

Last week, Immersed made an exciting announcement about its Visor XR headset portfolio for productivity. The company is entering the market with a device that offers spatial computing features similar to Apple’s Vision Pro. What sets Immersed apart is that its Visor product is priced lower than the Vision Pro, potentially shaking up the XR competition among major players like Meta, Microsoft, HTC, Lenovo, Xreal, and Varjo.

Immersed is launching its Visor XR headset at a starting price of $499, a significantly more affordable option compared to other competing devices. The product is set to ship in 2024, coinciding with the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro and Microsoft’s Industrial Metaverse roadmap. With a focus on optimizing user productivity, Immersed aims to lead the way in XR productivity use cases and the future of work.

One interesting use case that XR vendors are exploring is the possibility of XR headsets replacing external monitors for increased productivity. By creating virtual screens, AR/MR headsets can expand the workspace of desktops or laptops. Virtual screens can be scaled to various sizes, enabling users to work in tight spaces or on the go. However, whether virtual monitors will surpass external monitors is debatable and may depend on factors such as enterprise decision-makers’ preference for XR technology or traditional computing solutions.

Price is a significant consideration, and Immersed’s Visor product aims to provide an affordable solution for the virtual monitor use case.

The Visor XR headset comes with impressive specs and highlights. It aims to bring XR productivity tools to a wider audience, focusing on AR and MR rather than fully immersive or Metaverse environments. Usability is a key factor driving the adoption of XR devices, and Immersed recognizes this by emphasizing the ease of understanding and operating their product.

To ensure a secure and immersive productivity environment, the Visor XR headset includes powerful outward-facing cameras for HD color passthrough, 2.5K or 4K micro OLED per eye (depending on the model), hand and eye tracking support, 6 degrees of freedom, 100° field of view, ultra widescreen support, and a modular mount for customization.

Furthermore, the device supports over five virtual screens and boasts being “25 percent” lighter than a smartphone. It is available in three models: 2.5K for $499.99, 4K for $749.99, and the 4K “Founders Edition” for $999.99, which includes a lifetime subscription to Immersed’s premium tier and early access to Visor demos at Immersed HQ. The Founders Edition also ships six months earlier than the standard Visor 4K product.

Unlike many XR vendors that focus on entertainment, Immersed is squarely focused on the future of work with its Visor product. The company optimized the Visor specifically for workplace usage, making it a complementary solution for professionals. Immersed has chosen to keep the use cases of the device focused and optimized, not having an app store page for developers.

The hardware itself is designed for work usage, with a lightweight and comfortable design suitable for office or remote working environments. Immersed understands the importance of catering to the specific needs of professionals.

Spatial computing is gaining momentum, with Apple leading the way with its Vision Pro. Reports indicate that photogrammetry software, which powers spatial computing, could be worth $4.4 billion by 2032. Apple’s Vision Pro aims to replace laptop screens with 3D spatial computing, allowing users to interact with applications using hand-tracking in a 360-degree environment overlaying AR content onto the real world.

While supporting AR/VR/MR gaming and Metaverse content, Apple positions its Vision Pro as a productivity tool. Meta, on the other hand, is focused on gaming with its separate Quest 3 device. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be delivering a keynote on the Quest 3 during Connect 2023.

Immersed’s Visor XR headset offers a competitive and more affordable option in the XR market. With a focus on productivity and the future of work, Immersed has the potential to disrupt the XR competition. As XR devices become more user-friendly and accessible, their adoption in both consumer and enterprise settings is likely to increase, shaping the way we work and interact with technology.

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