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Counter-Strike 2 player left stunned as knife somehow catches fire

by Norman Scott

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has been making waves in the gaming community since its release on September 27. The game has been praised for its graphical improvements and map overhauls, but it has also been plagued with numerous bugs and issues. One particular bug has caught the attention of players and left them stunned.

A player recently shared footage on Reddit showcasing a bizarre and unexpected bug. During a round on the map Overpass, the player’s knife unexpectedly caught fire. The clip shows the player switching to a Molotov and throwing it towards the water-logged area close to the B site. However, when the player switched back to their knife, it was completely ablaze, with the blade on fire while the player still held the grip.

The player seems shocked by this unexpected turn of events and retreats to a safer location while trying to comprehend what is happening. Despite the player’s attempts to swipe the blade and extinguish the fire, it continues to burn. The player then heads back towards the enemy team, possibly to show off their fiery knife skin, but the round ends before they can do so.

The CS2 community was quick to share their amazement in the Reddit thread, with many speculating on the potential damage the fiery knife could have dealt if it had made contact with an enemy. One observant player even commented, “The AWP had it too but OP switched too quick, I want my .308 flamethrower Valve.”

This fiery knife bug is just one of many issues that CS2 players have encountered since the game’s release. Some players have reported game-breaking bugs, such as random elements from Mirage appearing inside other maps, which can obscure vision and impact gameplay. Additionally, the game’s launch has been criticized as underwhelming, and players have expressed frustration with laggy servers.

Despite these issues, CS2 has already achieved remarkable success, with a peak player count of over 1.3 million players. However, the presence of game-breaking bugs and the absence of key features have left the community wanting a more polished Counter-Strike experience.

As the developers continue to address these bugs and improve the game, players hope for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. With its popularity and dedicated fan base, CS2 has the potential to become an even greater success if these issues can be resolved.

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