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Counter-Strike 2 Players Express Disappointment as Many of CS:GO’s Key Features Disappear

by Norman Scott

Valve Surprises Players with the Release of Counter-Strike 2

Valve, the renowned game developer, has once again surprised players with the release of Counter-Strike 2. This unexpected move came as an update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) after a long beta period. Counter-Strike 2 introduces several new gameplay aspects and brings significant changes, such as weapon refunds and overhauled graphics, to the model that made its predecessor one of the most-played Steam games of all time.

However, this surprising update has left many players disappointed as the original CS:GO has been completely replaced by Counter-Strike 2, except for an offline “demo” version. Numerous beloved features from the original game are missing in the new update, sparking concerns among players. Reddit and Twitter are now flooded with players expressing their disappointment and wondering where these missing features went and if they will ever return.

A Reddit user compiled a list of the larger aspects of CS:GO that have mysteriously disappeared from CS2, including competitive and Wingman maps, workshop maps, and entire game modes like Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, and Danger Zone. The removal of Arms Race, in particular, has upset many players who have fond memories of playing it with their friends. While leaked Arms Race maps offer some hope for its potential return, players remain concerned about Valve’s decision to remove these modes without warning.

In addition to missing features, a portion of CS2’s player base, especially Mac users, can no longer access the game as Valve has removed support for players on Mac without providing any information about whether it will be reinstated in the future.

Other technical issues have also been raised by players. Some have complained about the absence of commands like “cl_bob,” which controls the bob animation, and the overall lack of new content compared to CS:GO. Furthermore, some international players have been experiencing server problems, leading to an “almost unplayable” gaming experience in CS2 compared to CS:GO. Valve has acknowledged these server issues and stated that they are working on adding more server capacity as quickly as possible.

Despite the negative feedback, there are players who are satisfied with CS2. They appreciate the game’s overhauled graphics and discuss new features like responsive smoke grenades. However, the disappointed players have been more vocal, and Valve has not yet responded to their concerns. The only response from Valve so far has been a warning to cheaters and their associates about the consequences of cheating.

Now, the community is eagerly waiting to see if Valve will address the missing features and technical issues in future updates or if this is what Counter-Strike will be like going forward. Valve’s response to these concerns remains to be seen as they have not yet commented on the matter. IGN has reached out to Valve for further clarification.

In the meantime, players are left to ponder the future of Counter-Strike and hope that their favorite features will make a return in Counter-Strike 2.

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