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Dark and Darker update brings massive class changes for Rogue players

by Gamerx Ramiro

Dark and Darker, the fantasy game developed by Ironmace Games, has quickly gained popularity among fantasy lovers since its recent release. With its gritty setting and unique gameplay, the game instantly became a hit. Whether you’re drawn to its range of classes or its competitive grind, Dark and Darker has something appealing for every player. And to make the game even better, Ironmace continues to update it, with the latest patch bringing massive changes to the Cleric and Rogue classes.

For players who choose the Cleric class, the recent update is great news. The patch introduces a variety of base stat buffs, making the tanky healer class even more appealing. The buffs apply across the board, increasing strength, base will, and even resourcefulness. The changes are sure to enhance the gameplay experience for Cleric players.

On the other hand, Rogue players won’t see buffs on every stat with this update. However, they do receive an increase in resourcefulness and a new perk called Hide Mastery. Unfortunately, some changes for Rogues are not as positive, such as a decreased base agility and reductions in perk damage bonuses. The weakpoint weapon damage bonus applied to an initial attack has been completely removed. Despite these drawbacks, the Rogue class still offers unique gameplay for those who prefer a stealthy and cunning approach.

Aside from class changes, the patch also includes bug fixes and adjustments to common player exploits to prevent cheating. For example, players can no longer duplicate gold, and all daggers now deal reduced damage. Ironmace’s attention to detail and commitment to fair gameplay ensures a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.

For a comprehensive look at all the changes and fixes in the patch, players can visit the official Dark and Darker Discord operated by Ironmace. The developer also provides detailed messages outlining game issues and upcoming tweaks in future updates. This transparency allows players to stay informed and engaged with the game’s development.

If you’re eager to understand the new changes made to perks or skills, PCGamesN offers a comprehensive guide on all the Dark and Darker classes. Additionally, their roundup of Dark and Darker tips and tricks provides useful information to help players dominate the game’s hardcore world.

Dark and Darker continues to impress fantasy game enthusiasts with its addictive gameplay and regular updates. Whether you’re a Cleric or a Rogue, the latest patch brings exciting changes to enhance your gaming experience. Dive into this dark and gritty world, and conquer the challenges that await you.

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