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Deep Rock Galactic spin-off gets free demo on Steam, available now

by Gamerx Ramiro

Deep Rock Galactic Spin-off “Survivor” Offers Free Demo on Steam

Cooperative gameplay has always been a hit with gamers, and Deep Rock Galactic is no exception. This chaotic game, known for its procedurally generated caves and relentless alien foes, has captured the hearts of players worldwide. Now, fans of the original game have something new to look forward to as Funday Games and Ghost Ship Publishing have teamed up to create a spin-off called Survivor. The highly anticipated game has recently released a free demo on Steam, allowing players to get a taste of the excitement.

Survival games have seen a surge in popularity, and the bullet hell action and unique level design that Vampire Survivors-inspired games offer have captivated many players. Funday Games’ upcoming entry in this genre promises to be fast-paced and enjoyable, featuring the lovable dwarf characters from Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic. The free demo on Steam gives players the first opportunity to experience Survivor.

In the demo, players can assume the role of the Scout dwarf and explore a biome that is described as being “full of rocks” and “also stones.” The demo encompasses three hazard levels and introduces players to various types of bugs, emphasizing the “eight-legged kind” instead of the “we-wrote-bad-code-kind.” To survive in this hostile environment, players have access to a range of weapons, as well as overclocks that enhance their firepower.

The demo is available for download on Steam, and while its duration is uncertain, it will be accessible throughout Steam’s Next Fest and for a week or two afterwards, ending around October 16th. Funday Games has not provided an exact end date, stating that it will be taken down when they feel it is appropriate.

The demo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Survivor. The full game will include multiple playable characters, a diverse array of enemies, a wide selection of weapons, numerous biomes to explore, and challenging boss battles. The game boasts a “deep progression system of perks, artifacts, and upgrades” that adds depth to the gameplay. While the demo does not currently feature any female characters from Deep Rock Galactic, fans are hopeful that Survivor will include them in the final release.

For those in search of hidden gems in the gaming world, the demo of Survivor is a great starting point. Additionally, there is a vast selection of indie games waiting to be discovered and played. PCGamesN offers a list of the best indie games available, providing endless entertainment options. Furthermore, if players are looking for more games to anticipate this year, there are numerous upcoming PC games worth exploring.

Deep Rock Galactic’s spin-off, Survivor, has generated immense excitement among fans. With its free demo now available on Steam, players can immerse themselves in the chaotic and thrilling world of this upcoming co-op game. The full release of Survivor promises even more content and an enriching gameplay experience, making it a must-try for fans of Deep Rock Galactic and survival games alike.

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