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Diablo IV is coming to Steam

by Gamerx Ramiro

Diablo IV, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, is set to make its way to Steam on October 17th. This exciting news was discovered by Wario64, a popular video game news and deals account, who spotted a listing for the game on the Steam platform.

While Diablo IV has been available on various consoles, the PC version was previously limited to Blizzard’s proprietary Battle.net service. However, Blizzard seems to be expanding its reach by bringing Diablo IV to a broader audience on Steam. This move aligns with Blizzard’s previous efforts to attract more PC gamers, such as making Overwatch 2 available on Steam earlier this year.

Blizzard has expressed its intentions to bring more of its games to Steam, but the specific titles and release dates have not been disclosed yet. Nevertheless, this decision to release Diablo IV on the popular gaming platform signifies Blizzard’s commitment to expanding its presence in the PC gaming market.

It is worth noting that Diablo IV’s arrival on Steam comes after the mixed reception that Overwatch 2 received on the platform. Upon its launch, Overwatch 2 was met with immediate criticism, resulting in an “overwhelmingly negative” review score with over 190,000 reviews. Much of the dissatisfaction stemmed from players’ discontent with the implementation of a battle pass system and canceled content.

However, Diablo IV is expected to fare better as it had a generally positive reception upon its release in June of this year. The game has garnered praise for its immersive gameplay, captivating storyline, and stunning visuals. With its arrival on Steam, Diablo IV has the potential to reach an even larger audience and continue its success in the gaming community.

Fans of the Diablo series and PC gamers alike can look forward to experiencing the demonic world of Diablo IV on Steam starting October 17th. As Blizzard continues to expand its offerings on the platform, it will be interesting to see which other popular titles will be making their way to Steam in the future.

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