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Distinguished Professor Rudi Eigenmann Inaugural Lecture

by Amelia Ramiro

The University of Delaware College of Engineering is excited to announce the upcoming Inaugural Lecture of Rudi Eigenmann, a Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The lecture, titled “High Performance Computing (HPC): A Scientific and Economic Weapon,” will take place on Monday, October 16th at 4 p.m. in Mitchell Hall.

Eigenmann’s expertise lies in various areas such as cyberinfrastructure design, programming methodologies, compiler optimization, and HPC evaluation. He is renowned for his exceptional research initiatives, including spearheading the DARWIN (Delaware Advanced Research Workforce and Innovation Network) project. His contributions extend to designing comprehensive standards to measure the speed of HPCs and advancing parallelization technologies.

The Inaugural Lecture will not only showcase Eigenmann’s impressive work but also honor his named professorship through a brief ceremony. Members of the campus community are encouraged to attend this special event.

As an innovator in computer engineering, Eigenmann has earned the prestigious title of Distinguished Professor through recognition by his peers. Additionally, his leadership as interim chair of the Computer and Information Sciences Department during the academic year 2021-2022 has been highly influential. Eigenmann’s commitment to mentoring students at the University of Delaware, irrespective of their educational level, further enhances his reputation as an outstanding scholar.

Following the lecture, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy refreshments served in the DuPont lobby. This will offer a chance for guests to network and engage in discussions related to the lecture topic and Eigenmann’s groundbreaking research.

For those seeking more information about the event, including registration details, please visit the University of Delaware College of Engineering’s official website. There, you will find a link to a Google Form providing further information on the Inaugural Lecture.

The University of Delaware College of Engineering is honored to host Rudi Eigenmann’s Inaugural Lecture and looks forward to sharing this significant academic event with the campus community. Be sure to mark your calendars for Monday, October 16th at 4 p.m. in Mitchell Hall and join us in celebrating Eigenmann’s remarkable accomplishments and contributions to the field of high-performance computing.

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