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Drag Things Long Since Dead Back To Life With “Memento Attic Ghost”! [PHNI]

by Norman Scott

Every Theme Needs a Mascot: Introducing Memento Attic Ghost

As we enter the spooky month of October, it’s only fitting that Yu-Gi-Oh! introduces a new card to set the mood. Say hello to PHNI-JP017 Memento Uramon, also known as Memento Attic Ghost or Wretched Ghost of the Memento. This Level 2 DARK Fiend Effect Monster is ready to haunt your duels with its unique abilities.

Memento Uramon has two powerful effects, but each can only be used once per turn. The first effect triggers when this card is Normal or Special Summoned. You can target one “Memento” card in your Graveyard, excluding “Memento Attic Ghost,” and add it to your hand. This effect allows you to recycle key cards and maintain advantage on the field.

The second effect activates when Memento Uramon is sent to the Graveyard by a “Memento” monster’s effect. In this case, you can Special Summon this card back onto the field. This creates potential for combo plays and unexpected comebacks, as you can use this effect to bring back Memento Uramon and continue your strategy.

It’s worth noting that Memento Uramon is a remake of the card “Wretched Ghost of the Attic.” The name “Uramon” seems unrelated at first, but it may be a truncation of “Yaneura no Mononoke,” which translates to “Wretched Ghost of the Attic” in English. The localized name, “Memento Attic Ghost,” adds a flavorful touch to the card’s theme. Additionally, “Uramon” in Katakana has various possible meanings, such as “back door/gate” or “unofficial crest or coat of arms.” The speculation around its significance adds an extra layer of mystery to this card.

Now, let’s consider how the Trading Card Game (TCG) will localize this card. Given its spookiness and the upcoming Halloween season, the TCG might opt for a name that reflects the ghostly theme and invokes the spirit of the holiday. We can only wait to see what creative name they come up with.

Whether you’re a fan of spooky themes or just looking to add some new strategies to your deck, Memento Attic Ghost is a card worth considering. Its ability to fetch cards from the Graveyard and return to the field can provide versatility and surprise your opponents. So, get ready to embrace the Halloween spirit and try out this haunting new addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

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