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Ekip Traverse City West Robotics òganize eWaste Fundraising

by Amelia Ramiro

Traverse City West Robotics Team Hosts eWaste Fundraising Drive

The Traverse City West Titans FIRST Robotics team is organizing an event to raise funds with a focus on environmental sustainability. On September 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm, the team will be hosting an eWaste and scrap metal drive at the Traverse City West Middle School on Silver Lake Road.

During the drive, students will be collecting various metal items such as appliances, bed frames, stoves, tractors, and scrap metal items like wires, pipes, and radiators. They will also be accepting aluminum items like lawn furniture, radiators, empty cans, car batteries, and more. Additionally, the team will be collecting electronic waste including computers, cell phones, circuit boards, routers, modems, and power cords.

It’s important to note that monitors and televisions will not be accepted at the drive. However, the team has partnered with Padnos Recycling Center to provide monetary value for each recycled item collected.

The primary objective of this event is to raise funds for the Traverse City West Titans FIRST Robotics team. By collecting and recycling eWaste and scrap metal, the team hopes to generate revenue that will support their participation in robotic competitions and other related activities.

In addition to fundraising, the team is also focused on promoting environmental sustainability. By encouraging the community to responsibly dispose of electronic waste and scrap metal, they are helping to reduce the amount of hazardous material that ends up in landfills or is improperly discarded.

Participating in the eWaste and scrap metal drive not only allows community members to contribute to a local robotics team but also enables them to make a positive impact on the environment. It is a win-win situation for the team, the community, and the planet.

– Traverse City West Titans FIRST Robotics Team
– Partner Padnos Recycling Center

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