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Eleven Indians, individuals of Indian origin shine in TIME100 AI list

by Joey De Leon

TIME magazine has released its inaugural TIME100 AI list, which features eleven Indian and Indian American individuals who are actively involved in the field of emerging technology and are making important decisions regarding its application.

One of the notable figures on the list is Sneha Revanur, who, at just eighteen years old, is the youngest honoree. Revanur is the Founder and President of Encode Justice. She recently played a significant role in organizing an open letter that urged congressional leaders and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to include more young people on AI oversight and advisory boards.

Revanur’s efforts did not go unnoticed, and she was invited to attend a roundtable discussion on AI hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris. This recognition highlights the impact and influence that these young individuals can have in shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

Another individual on the list is Neal Khosla, the CEO and Co-Founder of Curai Health, an AI-assisted telehealth startup. Curai Health serves as an assistant for doctors, handling straightforward tasks, and freeing up their time for more complex work.

The TIME100 AI list also includes billionaire siblings Romesh and Sunil Wadhwani, who founded Wadhwani AI. Their organization aims to use artificial intelligence to address global development issues, particularly in regions where individuals live on incomes of less than $5 per day. They have committed a total of $60 million to this initiative.

Manu Chopra, CEO of Karya, is another honoree on the list. Chopra established Karya, a nonprofit organization that ensures its employees receive a minimum wage of $5.00 per hour, which is significantly higher than India’s minimum wage. In addition, whenever a company licenses Karya to create a new AI product, the employees are compensated.

Alongside these individuals, Pushmeet Kohli, Vice President of Research at Google DeepMind; Kalika Bali, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research India; and Arvind Narayanan and Sayash Kapoor, Professor and doctoral candidate at Princeton University, also made it to the TIME100 AI list.

The inclusion of these Indian and Indian American individuals highlights their significant contributions to the field of AI and the crucial role they play in advancing emerging technologies. It also serves as inspiration for other young people interested in pursuing a career in this rapidly evolving field.

Furthermore, this recognition from TIME magazine brings attention to the talent and innovation coming from India and the Indian American community. It showcases the global impact these individuals are making and positions them as influential figures in the AI industry.

The full list and profiles of the TIME100 AI honorees can be found in the latest issue of TIME magazine or on their website.

Overall, the TIME100 AI list celebrates the achievements of these Indian and Indian American individuals who are at the forefront of artificial intelligence research and development. Their work is shaping the future of technology and inspiring the next generation of innovators.

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