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Everything New in iOS 17 Beta 5

by Kyle Meranda

Apple has released the fifth beta of iOS 17 to developers, and while there aren’t many significant changes at this stage of testing, there are a few updates worth noting.

One notable change is in the App Store, where Apple has decided to no longer use all caps for the download buttons. Previously, buttons like “Get,” “Open,” and “Update” were displayed in all caps, but they are now in title case instead. This small tweak brings a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing look to the download buttons.

Another change can be found in the Live Voicemail feature. Apple has modified the message prompt that callers hear when leaving a voicemail to make it less confusing. The previous default voicemail message stated, “the person you’re calling may pick up,” which caused some callers to hold on the line instead of leaving a voicemail. The new message now states, “Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. The person you’re trying to reach is not available. At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up.” This revised message provides clear instructions and aims to prevent any confusion for callers.

Apple is also refining the mood tracking feature in the Health app. There is a new graphic when entering the mood tracking interface, and there have been minor adjustments to the different graphic options used to represent each mood. These refinements enhance the user experience and make the mood logging feature visually appealing.

In Safari, there is a new splash screen for private browsing. When users open a private browser window for the first time after installing iOS 17, a pop-up appears, allowing them to enable the locked private browsing feature. Turning on this feature ensures that the browser is locked when the user leaves Safari or locks their phone, requiring authentication through Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode to access the private browser. While this feature was enabled by default in earlier betas, it seems that users will now have the option to opt-in when iOS 17 is released.

The Remote app in the Control Center now has a new popup that introduces the feature designed to track an Apple TV Siri Remote using an iPhone. Although there is a tooltip for this feature, it does not currently appear to be functional. This hints at a potential upcoming feature that will allow users to locate their Siri Remote using their iPhone.

Apple has also made some changes to the Shortcuts app. The icons used for Safari actions in the app have been refined to provide a clearer representation of each action. Previously, all Safari actions shared the same icon, but now options like Search Web, Open URL, and Filter Articles have their own specific icons. This makes it easier for users to identify and choose the appropriate action when creating shortcuts.

In the Messages app, Apple has refined the appearance of the Check In example screen. This screen demonstrates the difference between sharing limited data and sharing full data. The updated Settings screen now displays battery charge and iPhone unlocking information that is sent alongside location data. Additionally, Apple has clarified the wording to make it clear that information is only shared if Check Ins are not responded to when prompted.

These are just a few of the changes that Apple has made in the fifth beta of iOS 17. As the release date approaches, Apple continues to make small tweaks and refinements to enhance the user experience. If you’ve come across any other notable features in this beta, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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