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Fantastic fantasy city builder Against the Storm gets huge update

by Gamerx Ramiro
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The article discusses a major update for the game “Against the Storm,” a roguelike city builder available on Steam. The update, called the “Against the Storm Logistics and Balance update,” introduces various changes, improvements, and additions to the game based on community feedback.

One of the key aspects of the update is the revamp of haulers, which are responsible for transporting resources in the game. The update brings new perks, additional forest mysteries, and UI improvements to enhance the gameplay experience. The rebalancing of cornerstones and recipes also ensures that players have a more balanced and enjoyable time while playing.

The article highlights the user-friendly nature of the game, with easy-to-understand systems and a well-designed user interface. It praises the game for its intricate web of interactions and its ability to inspire players with new ideas for each city they build.

The update further enhances the user interface with several improvements, including the ability to set a lower limit for resources stored in warehouses. This prevents workers from depleting the entire supply and ensures a constant stock of resources. The article also mentions the adjustments made to cornerstones, making them more beneficial during the early game.

The update introduces additional cornerstones, forest mysteries, perks, and upgrades for the Smoldering City. These additions are tied to the reworked hauling system, which makes transportation more convenient by assigning transport experts to warehouses.

The article concludes by providing a link to the full list of changes in the update and suggesting other roguelike and RTS games for readers who may be interested in similar gaming experiences.

In summary, the article discusses the major update for “Against the Storm” and highlights the improvements and additions introduced through the update. It emphasizes the importance of logistics and balance in city-building games and praises the game for its user-friendly nature. The article serves as a guide for players interested in exploring the new features and improvements offered by the update.

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