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Fe and Lost in Random creators form MoonHood, developing dark game made from clay for console, PC, and virtual reality

by Gamerx Ramiro

MoonHood, a new game development studio, has recently announced its establishment. Founded by Klaus Lyngeled and Olov Redmalm, the minds behind popular games such as “Lost in Random,” “Ghost Giant,” and “Fe,” MoonHood is set to make its mark in the gaming industry with a unique and intriguing project.

The studio is currently working on a dark game made from clay, which will be published by Fast Travel Games for console, PC, and virtual reality platforms. According to the press release, the game will immerse players in bizarre realms crafted from tangible materials like real clay and transformed into detailed 3D models. Players can expect a heartwarming yet dark story accompanied by innovative gameplay mechanics, as well as facing horrific monsters while exploring a strange and beautiful landscape.

With Klaus Lyngeled serving as the co-director of MoonHood, bringing his experience as a former creative director and CEO of Zoink Games, and Olov Redmalm, who worked at Zoink Games as a concept artist, 3D artist, and art director, as well as game director of “Lost in Random” and “Ghost Giant,” the team at MoonHood is set to deliver a unique and visually stunning gaming experience.

Speaking about their debut title, Klaus Lyngeled expressed enthusiasm for the new creative direction the team is taking. They aim to use organic mediums and 3D scanning to bring physical art into the digital landscape. With Fast Travel Games as their publishing partner, MoonHood can ensure that their dark, gritty, and poetic adventure reaches a wide audience.

Patrick Liu, head of publishing at Fast Travel Games, also shared his excitement about the collaboration. Fast Travel Games is known for delivering unforgettable virtual reality experiences, and with this partnership, they hope to create an equally amazing game for console and PC platforms. MoonHood’s team of veteran storytellers and artists have brought fantastical ideas from the imagination to life with real clay sculptures, making their game a must-play experience.

To get a glimpse of what MoonHood has in store, the studio has released a teaser video. This video gives players a taste of the unique art style and atmosphere of the upcoming game, setting the stage for an immersive and captivating experience.

MoonHood’s debut game is already generating excitement among gamers and industry professionals alike. By fusing tangible materials with digital technology, MoonHood aims to create a game that pushes boundaries and offers a truly innovative and engaging experience. With their partnership with Fast Travel Games, MoonHood is ready to introduce players to a world that is both beautiful and disturbing, exploring themes that are sure to resonate with audiences.

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