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FFXIV 6.5 release date and everything in the Growing Light update

by Gamerx Ramiro

Final Fantasy XIV players have been eagerly awaiting news about the upcoming 6.5 update, and they finally got their answers during FFXIV Live Letter 79 at the Tokyo Game Show. Game director Naoki Yoshida and community producer Toshio Murouchi provided a lighthearted and informative look at everything players can expect from the Growing Light update.

The biggest announcement was the release date for FFXIV 6.5, which is set for Tuesday, October 3, 2023. This will be the final major update before the highly anticipated FFXIV Dawntrail release in 2024. A flashy trailer for the MMORPG showcased various characters like Zero, Ryne, Lyna, and Krile, accompanied by The Twelve, Loporrits, and everyone’s favorite gentleman inspector Hildibrand Manderville.

Yoshida addressed the delay in the release date, stating that some fans were expecting it to be on the 10th. He assured players that despite the slight deviation from the usual release schedule, they would not be disappointed. He also revealed that 6.51 would launch in late October, while 6.55 would follow in January 2024. The latter update would include notable quest chains for Tataru, Hildibrand, and the Tribal Alliance.

Yoshida then unveiled a preview of the new Trial, The Abyssal Fracture, which will pit players against the final boss of Final Fantasy 4, Zeromus. The fight will take place on a square platform without protective barriers, adding an extra layer of challenge. He teased that there would be debuffs and surprises to keep players on their toes, emphasizing the importance of reflexes and execution.

The presentation also gave a glimpse of the new 24-player Alliance Raid, Thaleia. Yoshida acknowledged that players who followed the story closely might be curious about how the raid would be filled. He promised an interesting fight against Thaliak, a Scholar, jokingly suggesting that players might need to brush up on their math skills.

Another highlight of the update is the inclusion of the entire Stormblood expansion in the free trial version of the game. This gives FFXIV free trial players the opportunity to experience the captivating storyline and exciting content of Stormblood. Additionally, the post-launch Duty Support for Stormblood Dungeons will be rolled out, allowing players to play through all the main questline dungeons up to 6.5 using NPC companions.

Yoshida also touched on various updates, such as item storage improvements with the addition of optional items to the Armoire. He showcased Alliance Raid and PvP rewards and revealed the long-awaited Kappa outfit inspired by Final Fantasy 6. He also mentioned the upcoming FFXIV Fall Guys collaboration in the Gold Saucer, packed with FFXIV-like gimmicks.

The presentation concluded with a sneak peek at the FFXIV KFC collaboration, exclusive to Japan, which will grant players an in-game Eat Chicken emote. Yoshida and Murouchi also mentioned the announcement of the FFXIV tabletop RPG and teased new details about the upcoming Dawntrail expansion to be revealed at the London Fanfest on October 21-22.

Overall, the FFXIV Live Letter 79 provided an exciting look at all the content coming in the Growing Light update, giving players plenty to look forward to when FFXIV 6.5 releases on October 3, 2023. With new quests, battles, adjustments, and collaborations, it seems that the FFXIV community has a lot to be excited about in the months ahead.

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