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Forza Motorsport early access, release dates, and download size revealed

by Gamerx Ramiro

Forza Motorsport is the latest game that has everyone buzzing in the gaming community. Set to be released on Xbox and PC, this highly anticipated racing game promises an immersive and realistic driving experience. If you can’t wait until its official release date in October 2023, there is a way for you to get early access and start playing sooner.

One option to gain early access to Forza Motorsport is by purchasing the Premium edition of the game. This version will grant you the privilege of enjoying the game before its official release date. Alternatively, if you are an Xbox Game Pass member, you can opt for the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, which also provides early access to the game. Both options will allow you to start playing from October 5th.

If you’re eager to know the exact time when you can start playing Forza Motorsport, the early access will begin at midnight on October 5th in the UK. This means that players in the UK can dive into the game as soon as the clock strikes 12:00 AM BST. As for other regions, the specific release time hasn’t been confirmed yet, but based on previous game launches, it might be around 9:00 PM PT or 12:00 AM ET in the US.

For those who prefer playing on Xbox Game Pass, the official release date for Forza Motorsport is set for October 10th. On this date, the game will be available for all Xbox Game Pass members, as well as anyone who has purchased the standard edition separately. It’s worth noting that Forza Motorsport can be played on different platforms, offering flexibility and accessibility to a wider range of players.

One important consideration before jumping into Forza Motorsport is the download size. As a highly detailed and immersive game, Forza Motorsport requires a significant amount of storage space on your device. The preload size may vary depending on the platform you choose to play on. For Xbox Series X, the preload size is approximately 132GB, while for Xbox Series S, it’s around 97GB. PC players will need around 116GB of storage space for the game. So, make sure you have enough space available to fully enjoy this racing experience.

In conclusion, Forza Motorsport is a game that has captured the attention and excitement of gamers worldwide. With early access available for those who opt for the Premium edition or the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, players can jump into this thrilling racing game before its official release date. Whether you prefer Xbox or PC, Forza Motorsport promises an immersive and realistic driving experience that will satisfy any racing enthusiast. Don’t forget to prepare your device for this game by ensuring you have enough storage space to accommodate its download size. Get ready to hit the virtual racetrack with Forza Motorsport!

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