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Founding the Foundry: Industry day approaches for Navy’s shipboard computing hardware initiative

by Amelia Ramiro

The US Navy is taking steps to revamp its shipboard computing hardware through a new initiative called “the Foundry.” This program, which will be a sister program to the Navy’s software factory, the Forge, aims to modernize the Navy’s computing infrastructure development and fielding processes without sacrificing schedule or cost.

To prepare for the Foundry, the Navy will be hosting an industry day on October 25 and 26, with the program executive office for integrated warfare systems in charge. The purpose of the industry day is to engage with industry vendors capable of providing shipboard computing hardware and gather information and input for the new project.

The Foundry’s mission is to provide the surface fleet with the necessary shipboard computing hardware to enable the Navy’s vision of an Integrated Combat System (ICS). The ICS aims to create a uniform fighting environment aboard every warship in the surface fleet, allowing sailors to seamlessly transition between different ships without the need for additional training.

To achieve the benefits envisioned by the Forge, the Foundry will utilize the principles of DevSecOps, which emphasize continuous innovation and agility in the delivery and maintenance processes of shipboard hardware. The Navy recognizes the importance of keeping up with current technologies and aims to deploy the Foundry’s capabilities to a wide array of ships and sites, including large and small combatants, aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, and even foreign military sales and proposed future ship classes.

In seeking industry assistance, the Navy has identified four main areas: operations, control, design, and production. They are looking for industry input on various topics within these areas, such as acquisition approaches, software version tracking, product support, and integration and testing requirements. The Navy also emphasizes that they may work with multiple vendors to fulfill the scope of the Foundry, as they do not expect or desire a single vendor to provide all the necessary components.

The implementation of the Foundry is an important step in modernizing the Navy’s shipboard computing hardware and achieving the vision of a uniform fighting environment across the surface fleet. By leveraging industry expertise and following the principles of DevSecOps, the Navy aims to stay at the forefront of technology and ensure the continuous innovation and agility necessary to meet evolving operational requirements.

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