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French authorities get Apple software update after iPhone 12 dispute – ministry source

by Maine Bacos

French authorities are currently reviewing a software update from Apple for its iPhone 12 models in response to a radiation issue. Earlier this month, France suspended sales of the iPhone 12 after tests found breaches of radiation exposure limits. Apple contested the findings but pledged to issue a software update to address the concerns. The move prompted worries in other European countries, such as Belgium, which has also requested the software upgrade. While the update is currently limited to France, it is expected that other European countries will take similar steps once informed by French authorities. Italian authorities are waiting for France’s deliberations before making a decision.

Research has been conducted over the years to assess the health risks associated with mobile phones. According to the World Health Organisation, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by them. The different results from the tests carried out in France compared to other countries led to the radiation warning. However, industry experts have stated that there are no safety risks as regulatory limits are set well below levels where harm has been found.

Apple routinely provides software updates for its devices, often to address security issues. The iPhone 12 update is expected to be similar to regular software fixes. Users will be notified of the update and can install it on their devices.

While the radiation issue with the iPhone 12 has caused concern, it is important to note that no adverse health effects have been proven to be caused by mobile phones. The response from Apple in providing a software update demonstrates their commitment to addressing any potential issues and ensuring the safety of their products.

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