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Galaxy SmartTag 2 will cost $30, still Samsung phones only

by Maine Bacos

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy SmartTag 2, the latest addition to the smart tracker market. Priced at $30, this revamped device features a new design and enhanced functionality.

The original Galaxy SmartTag came in two variants and allowed users to track their items using Bluetooth, UWB, or a combination of both. It utilized a network of Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the vicinity to locate lost items. With the Galaxy SmartTag 2, Samsung has simplified things by offering a single variant that supports Bluetooth and UWB.

One of the notable improvements in the new design is the integrated loop, which allows users to attach the device to a keychain, bag, or other items. This design change also provides space for a larger battery, extending the device’s battery life up to 700 days.

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, making it durable for various environments. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy with a maximum range of 120 meters, ensuring users can track their items from a considerable distance.

However, it’s important to note that the SmartTag 2 is still exclusively designed for Samsung smartphones. Despite the anticipation for Google’s Find My Device Network, which aims to work across all Android phones, Samsung’s device remains limited to its own ecosystem.

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 will be available in black and white color options starting from October 10. With its affordable price tag and improved design, it aims to compete with other smart trackers in the market.

In conclusion, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 offers a revamped design and enhanced functionality compared to its predecessor. While it remains exclusive to Samsung smartphones, it provides a reliable and affordable option for users looking to track their belongings efficiently.

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