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Getty Images Launches ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Generator

by Joey De Leon

Getty Images, the leading visual content provider, has partnered with NVIDIA, a computing technology leader, to introduce a groundbreaking service called Generative AI. This AI-driven image generation service is powered by NVIDIA Picasso, a custom AI model designed to transform content creation in terms of safety and scalability. The partnership aims to automate visual design while maintaining quality and safety.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this technology is its commitment to commercial safety. The NVIDIA Picasso model was trained on Getty Images’ curated library, ensuring that the service offers “uncapped indemnification” from intellectual property claims. This feature is crucial in a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment.

Generative AI by Getty Images offers customers an end-to-end solution that combines seamlessly with Getty Images’ extensive library of licensed content. Through its API, users can describe their desired visuals, and the AI tool generates corresponding images in real-time. This has the potential to revolutionize industries such as advertising, design, and digital marketing, allowing them to fine-tune their visual assets easily.

Despite the technological advancements, concerns about responsible AI use remain. Getty Images assures users that precautions have been taken to block prompts that could generate problematic content. Additionally, the partnership includes a model that compensates original content creators, addressing ongoing discussions about AI ethics and creator remuneration.

Getty Images is not the only company focusing on generative AI in the creative industry. Shutterstock partnered with OpenAI to develop its AI image generator, addressing ethical concerns and compensating artists. Adobe added Firefly, a generative AI tool, to its Creative Cloud membership, offering users extensive capabilities for creative tasks. Canva recently announced three AI-powered image generation apps, showcasing its commitment to responsible technology.

As generative AI tools become more accessible, it is crucial for users to consider acceptable usage terms and available legal protections when using AI-generated images for commercial projects. The integration of generative AI features in major tech platforms and services democratizes the design process, enabling marketers and SEO professionals to produce high-quality, compelling content more quickly and intuitively.

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